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I love Goethe – never took himself too seriously.


Are we as Humans, being culled, due to our lack of humanity?

Have Spirit decided they’ve had enough of ‘Us’?

This is a subject I’ve been mulling over for quite a while, and this morning; after nearly being conned on social media by a ‘young lady’- a term I use loosely – with too much time on her hands & missing a moral code, I decided to put pen to paper.

When you look at the World today, we’re contending with; a man-made pandemic, a War caused by one man’s yearning to recycle an outdated empire (or his own, Tsardom).

We have Tsunamis and earthquakes, bushfires & floods. All because we can not control our need for bigger & better, in the name of technological advances.

Incredible creatures no longer exist, or are on the way to extinction, because in our arrogance we’re decimating their homes. That’s not forgetting the amazing animals being killed in the name of sport.

We’re destroying the very earth we walk on, but, on a day-to-day basis have we become oblivious to our part in this annihilation.

Instead of progressing with each step forward, we seem to be reverting to a more; aggressive, selfish, and unkind race – are we in our superiority & conceit, going to blast ourselves back to Neanderthal-like times? Where we’ll need to start all over again, because of the mistakes we’ve made, or….

Is, Spirit going to do it for us?

Whilst we’re allowed ‘do-overs’ in our personal life, if there’s no World to stand upon, no water to drink, no arable land to grow crops upon, no natural beauty or animals to admire – where will we be?

The way we treat each other. Our lack of respect & dignity. The abhorrent need to be the best – don’t we realize, there is only one human race?

I’ll hold my hand up, in the last few years I’ve become less trusting of my fellow humans, in fact, I never answer my mobile phone; because 80% of the time it’s a scammer or telemarketer calling – I, now believe, I’m on their ‘close-contacts’ list.

So, while it’s allegedly man-made, is Covid a wake-up call from Spirit? And I’m not meaning to be callous to people who have lost friends and family to this horrendous & relentless disease, because they have my compassion, but…

Are we coming close to our use-by date?

Is our lack of conscience concerning, littering, polluting, fracking, and stripping the world’s resources causing all the natural, & very tragic disasters in the world? Are Spirit saying…

Enough Is Enough!”

Are we now paying for our inhumanity?

But will we learn?

Will we change?


Are we too far gone?

Image by un-perfekt from Pixabay

We Don’t Always, Know, The Things We Know

I recently joined an online mediumship mentoring group, not as a mentor, just like a normal, average, everyday person, and it’s made me realise that…

We don’t always know, the things we know!

During the few days that I’ve been involved with the group, I’ve commented on 3 posts, & I’ve noticed it’s been the more unusual posts, and I’ve been using knowledge, I gained and probably mentally filed away, 30 years ago.

I found this quite surprising because the information, to me, has always been inside my head, & yet one of the topics – Apports – has coincidentally been mentioned by me, twice in the last couple of days

For those, who aren’t aware; an Apport, is an object that appears in our life, almost by supernatural means. It will seem to come from nowhere, & in the most unexpected place. It’s generally believed an Apport manifests during or after a séance, but that’s not technically correct – an Apport, will arrive whenever Spirit wishes it to, & it will normally have some significance to either the receiver or sender or can appear if we’ve beseeched Spirit for help of some kind.

I’ve digressed slightly, because, while I know of such a spiritual event, it’s not something I’ve had the call to talk about; for years, and yet; suddenly; it’s been there; Twice!

And while our minds are incredibly complex and have a storage system beyond compare, there are also believed to be, external facilities we have access to. 

Some refer to the Akashic Records – a library, of the Universe in its entirety, including, the past, present & future. It contains, events, emotions, thoughts, ideas & our intent. And it can be accessed when needed.

Others refer to Cosmic Consciousness – We’re all part of The Whole, & everything interconnects, leading to Spiritual Enlightenment. Meaning we just tap in, when necessary.

I like the idea of Pantheism myself – the idea, that God & The Universe are one, not individual from each other. (Sorry, but I can never quite buy into the; little white-haired old man). Pantheists also believe; ‘All things’ interconnect, & that one religion wouldn’t exist without another religion. So, is that where our learning comes from? The interconnectedness?

There’s also the idea; Spirit, supply us with the knowledge we require when it’s needed. Almost, as if; they sit there with a little book & feed the information in – an analogy I use when trying to explain how my mediumships works is; it’s like a ‘Shop’s Open’ light goes on above my head in Spirit, & they know it’s time for us both to work – is this what happens, when we need data?

Some people, even randomly believe, information is dispensed to us, by extra-terrestrial beings, because they’ve had eons of learning and are more technologically advanced than us. Is it true, who knows?

So, do we really; Know the Things We Know?


Maybe, we subconsciously plug ourselves into an immense database bursting with knowledge? 


Perhaps, the information is being fed to us, by external forces? Whomever they may be.

Next time knowledge suddenly arrives in your head, or on the tip of your tongue, take a moment to wonder… Is it something, you already knew? Or did it appear, as if by magic?

I, myself, am never too sure.

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay 

The ‘Guys Upstairs’ Are Ready To; Get Back To Work.

Over the last couple of years, possibly longer, my life has been on a downward trajectory. If it could happen, it did! Everything, from; the passing of immediate family members, to a sudden house move, followed by financial problems & health issues – It’s been a fun time!

But, fortunately, I’m a great believer that; I will always survive!

And, as my life has been falling apart, more people have been directed to me, who require ‘something.’ Whether it be emotional or spiritual help, to neighbours who are confusing me with Kmart. Seriously, they ask me for everything from; batteries, to money, to sweets – It must be the aura I wear? Lol.

More recently, people who require help are sent my way, from the ‘Guys Upstairs’ – Just a little term-of-affection, I use for my Spiritual Team – and, it’s obvious; they’re more than ready to knuckle down.

So, while Covid is reigning supreme around us and altering people’s lives dramatically, my ‘upstairs guys’ have decided it’s time; I got back to doing what I’m best at – working with them.

They can have an amusing sense of the ironic, though – I decide I need transformation in my life, so they resolve it needs to be in their direction.

The irony is; it’s supposed to happen in the current Mercury Retrograde period, which is always a time of going backwards & re-doing something (especially if it’s communication-related)

Don’t get me wrong – Spirit doesn’t ‘decree’ or ‘order’ because it’s a 2-way-street, but; they throw opportunities or synchronicities, so, eventually, you get the message!


Irrespective of what is or isn’t happening in my life, and the need for masks, or lockdowns, or isolation-periods, it looks like I’m back in their game – but it’ll have to be digitally (via email) or by telephone, as the world’s situation is ever-changing.

It seems, though, ‘my guys’ want it to be; them & me (and clients, of course!), because I’ve attempted to commence work with an external psychic-line but, talk about one-sided bureaucratic palaver (I think Mercury Retro had some input there too).

“Work with Spirit. It’ll be fun,” they probably promised before I came down here, but; “While you’re there, you’ll have a lot of lessons to work through” – hmmm? I’ve got that message, real good!

My warning from them is, “we’ve given you some amazing abilities – Use. Them! Don’t. Waste. Them! Otherwise, Life can become a pain”.

And I’m tired now of fighting against it, and therefore, shortly, you’ll see a ‘Readings Now Available‘ page added to my site.

(So, there are no misunderstandings, I love Spirit & my abilities, and I enjoy helping people. It’s my raison d’etre, but I think I’ve been visited for a wee-while by the Tarot’s Tower card – although, my Tower must’ve had sturdy builders. Lol)

Moth (Australian Brown House) – As we all know, they search for The Light!

Am I at the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune? Or Are Spirit saying: Run-away. Very Fast.

Do you know you have those moments in life when ‘If it can go wrong, it will”?

Well, I hit one approximately 16 months ago.  In November 2019, to be exact, and it’s been a concurrent theme since then.

So I had to ask myself some hard questions.

Am I stuck at the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune? We’re all there occasionally.

Am I Jinxed? (Whether by accident or someone’s design).

Did I decide to work through a mega-dose of Karma in one shot, or…

Are Spirit telling me – Run! As far and as fast as you can. Find a new location. This one’s not working. Or, perhaps; they believe, I’m trying the ‘wrong’ thing, because…

There’s definitely; a message occurring here. Although, I wish it were just a bit more legible so that I could understand it.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but let me give you a rundown on my last 16 months. It started when; my much-loved baby sister passed-away suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2019 – The gorgeous girl is probably sat on her cloud, gin in one hand, having a good laugh at me.

Three months later, a large part of the ceiling in my rental property collapsed during a large storm. And, it only took ten weeks for it to get fixed. Hmmmmm! During that period, I had a continual throat issue, probably an allergic reaction, but it culminated with three visits to my local hospital. No diagnosis was ever forthcoming. Although, I did receive a negative Covid result.


Unfortunately, I got bitten by a White-tailed spider the same night a tarpaulin temporarily replaced the roof.

Lots of antibiotics and various creams later…

The throat infection visited my sinuses and gave me Iritis (inflammation of the iris), which the hospital wrongly diagnosed as acute conjunctivitis. Word of warning, if you’ve not had Iritis, you don’t want it.

A few months later, a Notice of Termination for my rental property followed, but that got withdrawn. Thanks to a moratorium extension. However – not happy with that. The owners took me to court; bear-in-mind I’m listed as a 5-star tenant.

I had to move the week before Christmas. Fortunately, I got a new rental, but it’s so much smaller, and most of my possessions are still in packing boxes, but – It’s a roof over my head, so I’m trying to be grateful.

Before the ‘unexpected’ house move, I’d enrolled in Open University, but naturally, this got affected, so it temporarily fell by the wayside. I did pick it up again, commencing three weeks ago, only for –

A lovely, unwelcome Respiratory virus to decide to pop-in, the same day. Believe me; it was a doozy. Dregs are still hanging around, and again my studies have been impacted, but – I do have another negative Covid test.

You’d think that would be the end, but no!

As I write this, I have two contractors re-grouting my shower & repairing a leaky roof, and it’s going to take a few days to complete. Try studying while that’s going on!

So, while; I’m all for believing; I made a promise that I’d work through Karma big-time in 2020 or even that; my particular Wheel of Fortune is having a little lie-down, my most over-riding thoughts are –

Run-away! Run-away! Run-away!

But, ‘Where‘ is the question? The world’s not as big as it used to be due to Covid, and I must count myself lucky because;

Things could have been worse!

Perhaps, I need to oil my ‘stuck’ Wheel of Fortune with a few more affirmations or ‘Power of Positive’ thoughts. Either way, I’ve told Loki (my dog) he’d better start packing.

I hope that your recent experiences have been better than mine, and remember – We ‘all’ do reach the top of the’ Wheel’ sometimes.

You Can Find Love and Support in the Strangest Places

As you get older, you expect life to become more settled, or even structured; but that’s not what happened to me. In fact, I feel as if I’ve been riding a roller coaster for the last decade or so.

I’ve lost my father, my mother, and then, so very unexpectedly……my baby sister, who was not only my friend but also my confidant. She was my greatest supporter & always believed in what I did.

She was too young, too vibrant, and too full of love & life, but 11 months ago, Spirit decided they wanted her back. And, whilst I know I’ll see her again, I can’t believe she got taken, but the funny thing is, 3 weeks after she passed, she gave me a gift.

Two very spiritual women appeared in my life, totally by chance, and they seemed to adopt me as a sister. Moreover, it’s like we’ve become a coven of 3 like-minded souls.

It’s the kind of friendship, where we don’t live in each other’s pockets, but we do see each other when our lives allow. And, when help or support is needed, it’s supplied in abundance.

We think alike, with compassion for all creatures.

We walk the same path – the path of Spirit – just in different formats.

We laugh together and have even cried together.

I’ve told these women things I’ve not told anyone else.

It’s hard to believe I’ve known them for less than a year. It’s like they’ve always been in my life. So, perhaps……

We’re 3 old souls, or sister witches, coming together again across the years.  Women who’ve been reunited by my family’s tragedy.

As much as I miss my baby sister, I can’t help but thank her for the final gift she gave me. Someone, or actually; 2 someone’s to take her place and give me the love and support she always did and continues to do from Spirit.

I hope you’re as lucky as I am!


It’s funny, but when I started this post, it was supposed to be about my little dog (Loki) but when I put my fingers to the keyboard they went off on a journey of their own, so, I had something that needed saying, but just to end on a happy note, here’s a picture of ‘My Terror’. Perhaps the next post should be his……he’s a real experience, believe me!

Loki aka Ratbag