After the trials & tribulations of the last several months, I’ve had a hard time remaining focused & had lost motivation to move forward.

This morning, I received a great reminder about life when an old Facebook post of mine from 2014 popped up in my feed.

This is how it went…

Am I at the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune? Or Are Spirit saying: Run-away. Very Fast.

Do you know you have those moments in life when ‘If it can go wrong, it will”?

Well, I hit one approximately 16 months ago.  In November 2019, to be exact, and it’s been a concurrent theme since then.

So I had to ask myself some hard questions.

Am I stuck at the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune? We’re all there occasionally.

Am I Jinxed? (Whether by accident or someone’s design).

Did I decide to work through a mega-dose of Karma in one shot, or…

Are Spirit telling me – Run! As far and as fast as you can. Find a new location. This one’s not working. Or, perhaps; they believe, I’m trying the ‘wrong’ thing, because…

There’s definitely; a message occurring here. Although, I wish it were just a bit more legible so that I could understand it.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but let me give you a rundown on my last 16 months. It started when; my much-loved baby sister passed-away suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2019 – The gorgeous girl is probably sat on her cloud, gin in one hand, having a good laugh at me.

Three months later, a large part of the ceiling in my rental property collapsed during a large storm. And, it only took ten weeks for it to get fixed. Hmmmmm! During that period, I had a continual throat issue, probably an allergic reaction, but it culminated with three visits to my local hospital. No diagnosis was ever forthcoming. Although, I did receive a negative Covid result.


Unfortunately, I got bitten by a White-tailed spider the same night a tarpaulin temporarily replaced the roof.

Lots of antibiotics and various creams later…

The throat infection visited my sinuses and gave me Iritis (inflammation of the iris), which the hospital wrongly diagnosed as acute conjunctivitis. Word of warning, if you’ve not had Iritis, you don’t want it.

A few months later, a Notice of Termination for my rental property followed, but that got withdrawn. Thanks to a moratorium extension. However – not happy with that. The owners took me to court; bear-in-mind I’m listed as a 5-star tenant.

I had to move the week before Christmas. Fortunately, I got a new rental, but it’s so much smaller, and most of my possessions are still in packing boxes, but – It’s a roof over my head, so I’m trying to be grateful.

Before the ‘unexpected’ house move, I’d enrolled in Open University, but naturally, this got affected, so it temporarily fell by the wayside. I did pick it up again, commencing three weeks ago, only for –

A lovely, unwelcome Respiratory virus to decide to pop-in, the same day. Believe me; it was a doozy. Dregs are still hanging around, and again my studies have been impacted, but – I do have another negative Covid test.

You’d think that would be the end, but no!

As I write this, I have two contractors re-grouting my shower & repairing a leaky roof, and it’s going to take a few days to complete. Try studying while that’s going on!

So, while; I’m all for believing; I made a promise that I’d work through Karma big-time in 2020 or even that; my particular Wheel of Fortune is having a little lie-down, my most over-riding thoughts are –

Run-away! Run-away! Run-away!

But, ‘Where‘ is the question? The world’s not as big as it used to be due to Covid, and I must count myself lucky because;

Things could have been worse!

Perhaps, I need to oil my ‘stuck’ Wheel of Fortune with a few more affirmations or ‘Power of Positive’ thoughts. Either way, I’ve told Loki (my dog) he’d better start packing.

I hope that your recent experiences have been better than mine, and remember – We ‘all’ do reach the top of the’ Wheel’ sometimes.

You Can Find Love and Support in the Strangest Places

As you get older, you expect life to become more settled, or even structured; but that’s not what happened to me. In fact, I feel as if I’ve been riding a roller coaster for the last decade or so.

I’ve lost my father, my mother, and then, so very unexpectedly……my baby sister, who was not only my friend but also my confidant. She was my greatest supporter & always believed in what I did.

She was too young, too vibrant, and too full of love & life, but 11 months ago, Spirit decided they wanted her back. And, whilst I know I’ll see her again, I can’t believe she got taken, but the funny thing is, 3 weeks after she passed, she gave me a gift.

Two very spiritual women appeared in my life, totally by chance, and they seemed to adopt me as a sister. Moreover, it’s like we’ve become a coven of 3 like-minded souls.

It’s the kind of friendship, where we don’t live in each other’s pockets, but we do see each other when our lives allow. And, when help or support is needed, it’s supplied in abundance.

We think alike, with compassion for all creatures.

We walk the same path – the path of Spirit – just in different formats.

We laugh together and have even cried together.

I’ve told these women things I’ve not told anyone else.

It’s hard to believe I’ve known them for less than a year. It’s like they’ve always been in my life. So, perhaps……

We’re 3 old souls, or sister witches, coming together again across the years.  Women who’ve been reunited by my family’s tragedy.

As much as I miss my baby sister, I can’t help but thank her for the final gift she gave me. Someone, or actually; 2 someone’s to take her place and give me the love and support she always did and continues to do from Spirit.

I hope you’re as lucky as I am!


It’s funny, but when I started this post, it was supposed to be about my little dog (Loki) but when I put my fingers to the keyboard they went off on a journey of their own, so, I had something that needed saying, but just to end on a happy note, here’s a picture of ‘My Terror’. Perhaps the next post should be his……he’s a real experience, believe me!

Loki aka Ratbag

Sorry! & A Big Thank you!

I’ve written off 2017, due to……….everything, I guess!

After my mother’s passing, I went into a bit of a decline, I started an intimate relationship with chocolate & stopped going to the gym, hardly slept, watched a lot of junk telly, so……I can’t wait to say “Goodbye 2017”.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say to you all “I apologize for my lack of commitment, & I thank you from the bottom-of-my-heart for all those who hung in there with me.

See you in 2018.

Enjoy the holidays!

Julie xx


Sorry !

Thank you!

And The Vicar Said: “You’re All Orphans, Now”.

Losing a parent is very hard! This I found out in 2009 when my much-loved Father passed away.

Based in the UK at the time, this distressing event was the motivator that caused me to return to Perth, & make it my home – I didn’t want to be 12,000 miles away in case something happened to my Mother.

Fortunately, she always took care of herself, and exercised regularly, and bounced back from any illness, but…..my location, & her resilience, really had nothing to do with life’s plan, because; heartbreakingly……my Mother passed away at the end of February after a short & unexpected stay in hospital.

Because we (I have 5 siblings) were so unprepared for Mum to make this journey, it’s struck us all in different ways, for myself – my life has seemed to stop – it’s like, I’m in limbo, and yet; I have an innate belief that life goes on in Spirit, but this doesn’t stop me; missing her greatly, and it’s brought with it, a sense of aloneness, that I ‘never’ normally feel.

It’s also highlighted my father’s passing and, the fact that; as the vicar said: “We’re all orphans now”.

I know, I’m not the only person to have lost both their parents, in truth, I consider myself lucky to have had them, as long as I did, but it doesn’t stop the pain or the sense of unfairness. Yet though all this, I’m aware; they’ve only stepped through another door, and continue to watch over me, and the rest of their ‘quite large’ & well-loved family.

Over the last few months, there have been times that Mum has made her presence known. She’s told me she loves me, held my hand whilst I was walking to the local shops (we always used to shop together), and once, she even made her displeasure quite obvious, when I got a non-too-gentle clip around the back of my head.

It’s starting to get cold in Perth now, & late one evening, I turned on the gas heater – I’m not a fan of gas, so very rarely use it – but, I did one night, and the heat, & exhaustion gradually made me nod off. Only to be woken quite abruptly by Mum’s little love-tap. She probably found it quite funny, but then; so did I, after a moment of chagrin.

As time has passed, I’ve remembered everything my parents ever did for me, and I’m very grateful, that I came to earth with my spiritual abilities, because not only, do I know ‘I will see them again!’ but it’s also added a degree of comfort to my family.

So with sadness, comes joy. With grief, comes remembrance, and with faith, comes trust, that; our family & friends never leave us. They walk by our side, and watch, listen, laugh, cry, & most of all; love with us, until it’s our turn to take the next step, in life’s great adventure.


My Parents, in their early twenties – approx 1957.