Pre-ordination Or Free Will?

Because of my spiritual beliefs I can truly say that; I believe we choose our life path before we incarnate here on earth but in saying that, may I ask……

What was I Thinking?

Obviously, not the brightest bulb in the box.

My path at times has been very interesting, and at others stiflingly boring which is why I consider myself a change advocate, and why this blog will be very eclectic, and cover numerous areas that I have some, or a lot of knowledge in, preferably the latter I’m sure you’re thinking.

I’ve walked some very orthodox trails, after all what can be more commonplace than working in an office, in the financial industry?

Although, there have also been some exceedingly unorthodox stints.  I mean did you want to be a psychic when you grew up, I know I sure didn’t plan on it, so it must have been predetermined right?

I can already hear the clamour of voices asking; “I thought we were supposed to have free will’.

Well the answer is……. Yes and No!

There are specific events in our life that are already planned out for us, otherwise how would we grow spiritually.  Imagine, if we just popped down here, did whatever we wanted, no questions asked, and then went back upstairs…….you’ll find that I tend to use the term ‘upstairs’ as a euphemism for the spiritual realm, and I tend to call spirit; the guys upstairs. They don’t mind, so why should anyone else.

My Path - Glastonbury, to The Tor

My Path – Glastonbury, to The Tor

Anyway, I digress…..

Major lessons are already planned out, and before being born, you have a little sit down, and decide what you’d like to learn this time around.  You consider family groups, nationality, gender, talents, intellectual capabilities etc…There is a train of spiritual thought, whereby it’s believed that we choose any tragic illnesses that may occur in our lives…….my jury, is still out on that one.

Just because I have certain beliefs and a few extra abilities, doesn’t mean that I don’t question everything.  It comes from having a very logical mind with a pinch of lateral thinking thrown in.

Now, as to free will; once you’re down here, on your journey, there you are strolling along, minding your own business, when little off-shoots pop up, and it’s your choice whether or not to take those paths.

Using me as an example, being born in England to my particular family was fated, but travelling back and forth to Australia was/is free will……during my life, I’ve lived on both hemispheres, and bounced between as if on elastic.

London on the Thames

London on the Thames

Being a Clairvoyant Medium, instead of a tarot reader? Pre-ordained!

Preferring Motown and Northern Soul to Heavy Metal, is my free will at work.

With regards to accidents, they are just that…….an event that has happened whilst you’re on a particular path.  I am not saying that you, as a soul, cannot have planned an accident, but you must have chosen that particular lesson. Why? Only your soul knows, and sorry, but you don’t get the answers until you go back upstairs. If you are especially intuitive, or you visit an adept reader, then you may get some of them, but not all…..what would be the point!

If the answers are given to you, not only would you miss any lessons intended during the search, but where would the challenge be?

I hope I’ve clarified the issue slightly, if not feel free to comment and sometime over the next few days ask yourself what you believe you lesson(s) might be. Yes, there can be more than one, at different times during this incarnation, and if not learnt on the first try, then they can ambush us again later in life.  You picked them remember, so it’s worth giving them a good shot on the first go.

And as a final thought, do not ever be surprised by what I may write about, as it could range from the paranormal to vegetarianism (yep, I’m one of those).  I may even express my opinion regarding living in Perth as opposed to London, or I could divulge details about my new foray into freelance writing.  There’s also the chance I could throw a favourite little question at you, like the following…..

Are you more afraid of your life staying the same, or are you more frightened of what change can bring?


2 thoughts on “Pre-ordination Or Free Will?

  1. Hi, Not sure if this is the best way to get in touch but as we don’t have your mobile number, thought I’d touch base with you via your website, which is beautiful and very impressive by the way. Would you be available to do reads at Soul Love in Belmont this Friday as our resident Reader is away on holidays. Also if there are other days available we are happy to let you know to see if you would like to do them. We will probably need your mobile number let you know. Thanks and Blessings Suzette

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