Does The Full Moon Disturb You?

Last night, I was unable to fall sleep until approximately 3 am and I spent the preceding time just faffing around, and for those of you who don’t know ‘faffing around’ is just one of my technical terms for doing nothing at all.

But rather than worry about a reason for my temporary insomnia, I looked into the night sky to see if a Full Moon had arisen, or was expected. I can guarantee every month at this time, I am more alert, slightly edgy, and almost in a state of anticipation, waiting for something to happen.

I can almost calculate to the day, when the moon is whole because the energy always affects me this way.

I am aware that there is alleged to be a scientific reason why we need less sleep around the time of the full moon, something to do with our circadian rhythm, but personally I am inclined to believe it has a more spiritually innate origin.

When the moon is full in the sky, it signals the end of an event in your life; which can be either planned or unexpected. It is a very powerful time in your calendar, and should be respected as such.

Full Moon thanks to Jostar, via

Full Moon thanks to Jostar, via

To give you a heads-up on how the full moon can affect life in general, I’ve listed 16 interesting titbits about this celestial body, both factual & spiritual…

  1. It’s an ideal time to give up something, like a bad habit; as it seems easier. I.e.: start a diet if you’re an unhealthy eater, or attempt to stop smoking, if you do.
  2. When 2 full moons occur in the same calendar month, the second to appear later in the month, is known as a Blue moon
  3. Crime is more prevalent during a full moon… the media, and you’ll see what I mean.
  4. Animals can become more agitated during this time, and are even prone to biting.
  5. A full moon appears once every 29.5 days
  6. It’s an excellent lunar period for spells in reference to the completion of something, and the start of a new path/goal/journey.
  7. A full moon is a more propitious time for group, magical gatherings.
  8. A spring tide, which is a very strong tide; occurs only when the moon is either full or new……the earth, sun & moon are in alignment.
  9. Because the moon is whole in the sky (full) and spreads its light wide, it is the perfect time to do healing.
  10.  Hospital patients and prison inmates become more disturbed during a full moon
  11.  Do wolves really howl at the moon? The Seneca tribe believed that a wolf sung the moon into existence, and in Norse mythology it’s believed that wolves chase the moon
  12. She (the moon is feminine, of course) can trigger ovulation and fertile times, and women’s menstrual cycles can be linked to it.
  13. The moon is the earth’s only natural satellite
  14. Luna is the Roman goddess personifying the moon, her Greek counterpart is Selene. Selenite is a wonderful crystal to carry during this time as it can instil clarity & peace.
  15. Luna (the moon) is the alchemical name for silver, so do wear silver jewellery or clothing at this time.
  16.  If there’s a red circle around the moon, magically it can mean; trouble’s coming, but more prosaically, a ring around the moon can mean a change in the weather
The Ocean Tides at Megavissy, Cornwall

The Ocean Tides at Megavissy, Cornwall

I challenge you all, to take note of events that happen in your life, emotions you are feeling, and breaking news that may occur at the time of the full moon, and if you would like to let me know about the influence it has, please feel free to comment.


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