What goes around comes around

Ever used the phrase ‘It’s my Karma?’

I’ll admit to it; I have. Even though I’m a great believer that whatever we do, good or bad, it will come back to us in the end, It doesn’t matter whether it be in  this lifetime or another.

“So, why should I worry?” you think.

Because it might just rebound quicker than you expect, because there is such a thing as ‘instant karma’.

Though firstly, let me explain that Karma is neither good, nor bad, it just ‘IS’.

It’s an almost indifferent idea of judgement. By that; I mean the responsibility for it lies within us. It’s not caused by an outside force. Neither can it be considered an entity in its own right. I repeat it just……’IS’. It’s merely the natural law of cause and effect.  To be blunt: We Cause the Effect by our own actions.

In a sense you could say that, our karma is Our Fault!

It isn’t something that has been pre-determined by the guys upstairs, and neither does it take away our free will. In fact karma gives us a measure of control, because if we remember that our actions can cause events (even future ones), we might be a little more careful in what we do.

Other than instant and individual karma, there is also family and country karma, whereby our lives can be impacted by the actions of others. But, there is nothing you can do about that, you are only spiritually responsible for your own life. And, as this spiritual law is activated by ‘intentional’ actions, we are not made accountable for our own ‘accidental’ activities, or the activities of others.

To give you an idea of what I mean by instant karma, l’ll use the example of the bag snatcher that ran though a plate glass window and injured himself whilst trying to escape……uh oh!  (See the following link).


So please, try to ’think’ before you act, or you talk,it  might even be a good idea to watch some of those thoughts, because you never know what result you’ll cause, and it may not happen to you this month, this year or even this lifetime, but……it will be there waiting for you.

Tomato Lake, Perth WA in winter.

Tomato Lake, Perth WA in winter.

However, let me assure you that all your ‘good’ intentions will minimise and in some cases over-ride your so called ‘bad’ karma, so it’s never too late to turn things around.


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