Cornwall’s Eden Project, a Conservationist’s Dream

I’d first heard of the Eden Project almost by design, I’d seen a couple of television adverts, and a brochure in a magazine, and then a relative mentioned it to me, and it just caught my imagination. Not only because it seemed so green, but also because of the ecological intent behind it.

From what I’d seen and heard, there were beautiful flowering plants and exotic trees, surrounded by lush open spaces and the buildings looked like; futuristic white crystal domes, so I added the project to my ‘to-do’ list, but was unable to schedule a visit until after I’d actually left the UK.

An Eden Project Biome

An Eden Project Biome

It was well worth the effort, and if you love the planet we live on, and you want it to still be around for future generations, a visit to this classic eco attraction based in the South West of England is a must-see.

Based not far from St Austell in Cornwall, situated in an old quarry; starting from a small dream its become an immense project, with numerous inspirational ideas, and schemes relating to worldwide conservation. There are educational, and musical events on offer together with wonderful scientific displays, and the spheres (biomes) are filled with exotic plant life from around the world.

Inside the Core Building.

Inside the Core Building.

They offer corporate events and venue hire together  hotel & holiday breaks, so they are great for any option. When I first travelled there, during a cold English winter they were in the process of erecting a Christmas tree whereby the fronds and baubles were made entirely of recycled plastic bags… was a great idea, and very effective.

Bumble Bee Model

Around the immense grounds you’ll find various models and statues fashioned in animal likenesses, one collection celebrates the Rites of Dionysus, another being a beautiful horse structure made entirely of driftwood, even a gigantic bumble bee. And, not forgetting the Wee Man, a metallic giant made from discarded computers, washing machines and such.

If you have a few hours free and you’re in the vicinity……although I suggest you plan a day-trip as there is so much to see……the Eden project is well worth your time particularly if you are ecologically inclined.

The Wee Man

The Wee Man


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