Is Being (A) Psychic All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

When you’re a child, and being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” I’m sure it’s a very rare child that says ‘I want to be a psychic’, but unfortunately sometimes that’s your path, and it can be both an amazing yet difficult path.

Not only, do you have to contend with the emergence of abilities that you never expected, but there is also; society’s expectations, being family & friends, your clients, even colleagues within the industry.  And, let’s not forget spirit, and when I use that term, I am merely referring to ‘People without actual bodies’………believe me they have the same emotions we do, ranging from love, to; sometimes anger.

You’ the individual, can get lost along the way.  And not everyone understands that it’s a two-way street, we don’t work for them or vice-versa. We work together in cohesive harmony.

Devon Witches Plaque - I was born in Devon

Devon Witches Plaque – I was born in Devon

To have such a vocation can be both a gift and a curse, and I do speak from experience, not, that I regret any moment of my journey but there have been moments when I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

Many wonderful people come into your life, but there can be the ‘odd’ one or two that either; expect too much believing that you’re the Delphic Oracle, or there’s the other extreme, whereby you’re the devil incarnate, especially if you don’t adhere to orthodox religion.

Not every psychic believes in the ‘little white-haired old man upstairs’ but we do believe in something, whether it be Wicca, Spiritualism, Buddhism, Pantheism (the belief that all things interconnect) or one of many other alternate religions. It still makes us human

We can have experiences that delight us, surprise us, confound us and even scare us. Imagine being sat in a house on your own, when the power goes out, and you start to hear evil cackling laughter coming down the hall. …..been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.

Part of a Mural on an Exeter (Devon) Wall.

Part of a Mural on an Exeter (Devon) Wall.

And contrary to some beliefs, we are not always ‘on’.  We are capable of having a conversation without being able to immediately ‘know’ what is happening in someone’s else’s life……or want to know for that matter, it’s not our business, and definitely not ethical.

It’s also exceedingly difficult working in an industry where new therapies appear almost daily, and skills are touted by so-called experts, with only a few days training.

The biggest majority of spiritual workers genuinely want to help others, but there are charlatans out there, and unfortunately these few can tarnish the rest, and leave us with an almost ambivalent feeling towards our own inherent gifts.

Our abilities can change overnight unexpectedly, almost like a promotion, or they can remain static for life because that’s our given path. They can even be taken away if used the wrong way, or we can request a ’talent’ break, which is something I personally have done twice (including currently)…..although, previously I ended up with more advanced skills afterwards……..was having a little break now a good idea, I wonder?

And in finality, if I had a dollar for every palm placed under my nose, with the words ‘read this’……well, you know the rest…….


2 thoughts on “Is Being (A) Psychic All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

  1. I wrote about a couple of psychics on Ancient Past of my installation. I wanted to show how even if you have the best information available it means nothing if no one is listening.

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