“It’s my Karma!” Is It, Who Told You That?

Like me, I’m sure there have been times in your life when you’ve said “it’s just my karma’” or you’ve attributed events in your life to either; good or bad karma. But guess what? Karma is neither good, nor bad, it just ‘is’.  I guess in a way, it’s an almost indifferent idea of judgement.

By that I mean the responsibility for it, lies within us.  It is not caused by an outside force, nor can it be considered an entity of its own, as we humans frequently liken it to.

Anemone, Perth, WA

Anemone – Aqwa, Perth, Western Australia

Karma is merely the natural law of cause and effect.  And to be blunt: We Cause the Effect by our own actions, whether past or present……the reason I say present, is because there is such a thing as instant Karma (did you hear about the bag snatcher, that ran though a plate glass window and injured himself whilst trying to escape. Well, that’s instant karma).


Fortunately, this law is activated by ‘intentional’ actions even our thoughts and innocent comments can be to blame.

We are not accountable for unintentional or accidental deeds, this is because we made no definitive choice to take that step, or think those thoughts, or utter those words…….and, be honest, and we all have such moments, don’t we?

Coral Tank, Aqwa

Coral Tank, Aqwa

Karma isn’t something that has been pre-determined for us by someone upstairs, and neither is it something that takes away our free will. In fact karma can give us a measure of control, because if we remember that our actions can cause events (even future ones) to occur to us, we might be a little more careful in what we do.

In a sense, you could say that; our karma is our fault,and nobody else’s.

So please, try to ’think’ before you act, you think and you talk. You never know what result you’ll cause, and it may not happen to you this month, this year or even this lifetime, but……it will be there waiting for you.

However, now that I’ve freaked you out a little bit, let me tell you that your ‘good’ intentions will minimise and in some cases over-ride your so-called ‘bad’ karma, so it’s never too late to turn things around.


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