If you think; you can or you can’t, then you’re right!

Reality TV really isn’t my thing, but whilst watching an Australian cooking show, I was reminded by one of the contestants about how powerful one 3 letter word can be.

That word is; ‘Can’.

And, I’m not talking about something you find tinned produce in. I’m talking about, our ability to believe we can do anything. As children we have this belief that anything is possible, that there are no limits, but unfortunately we grow up, and life gets in the way. We worry about; paying the bills, about being responsible, in fact; you name it we probably worry about it, and we lose the ‘magic’ in life. Our dreams are pushed aside and sometimes forgotten……..how sad is that?

As adults, we need to re-claim our right to be visionary, or creative. To have hopes, and goals that may seem impossible. Another limiting word, but if we just replace it with the words probable, feasible, or even plausible, it gives us optimism that maybe there is another way.

A top-five Australian bank recently ran an advertising campaign and it was probably the most thought provoking I’ve ever seen. The actress, Toni Colette sat quietly, and reflectively, reciting a poem. It was called; ‘The Ode to Can’ and was very quickly created, in fact within hours, by a man called; Andy Flemming, the creative director at M&C Saatchi. It’s a very inspirational piece, and reminds us not to give up. If you’ve not seen the advertisement, or heard of the poem, you can find it at the following link, its well worth a read, especially if you’ve lost your belief.


I want you to take five minutes out of your day, and look at the goals that have fallen by the wayside. Were there legitimate reasons that you let them die, or was it just that; either you, or someone else told you, that ‘you can’t’.

Ask yourself, are any of the forgotten dreams possible now? I’ve recently picked up one of mine that I thought had no chance of fruition, so what’s to stop you doing the same?

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