Look for the omens in your life every day.

I’d decided that 2014 would be the start of a new path for me, new goals, new dreams and new adventures. And, as with all adventures sometimes it’s hard to stay on the path and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes little stumbling blocks or detours appear along the way.

We’re already 4 months into this year, and to my surprise I am actually working on my goals each & every day, although some are not manifesting as quickly as I’d like.  Unfortunately, I have a bit of an impatient streak, and I really hate waiting for things, but don’t we all?

Anyway, to cut a long story short……

I made a visit to my father’s graveside; I just wanted a little natter and a catch-up. Dad passed away very quickly in 2009 whilst I was on the other side of the world, so there’s still a lot that I like to talk to him about.  And even though I believe that life goes on, and I know he walks beside me every day I still like to drop in to see him as well.

Kookaburras sat listening.

Kookaburras sat listening.

Whilst I was stood there chatting away to him, 2 beautiful Kookaburras flew onto a tree branch just a few feet above my head, and quite comfortably settled in to listen.  They sat there quietly and I pointed them out to dad, they didn’t move no matter how close I got to the tree, they just remained watching, until one of these amazing birds deciding he couldn’t hear me properly, flew off the overhead branch and sat on a wooden grave marker a few feet away.

This incredible bird remained there, and allowed me to walk right up to him whilst I took numerous photos.   The only time it showed any reticence was when I attempted to touch its tail feathers, but still it didn’t fly off. In fact, I was the one who made the first effort to leave.  The kookaburra stayed where he was, and watched me walk away.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about animal totems, and symbolism but a kookaburra was a new one to me, so imagine my surprise when I later discovered that;

  •         The kookaburra can help you achieve your goals.
  •         It’s an extremely focused bird when it wants something.
  •         If Kookaburra appears, it’s telling you to pursue your dreams.
  •         It helps you look for opportunities around you.
  •         Kookaburra reminds us to laugh our way through obstacles.
  •         It reminds us that laughter is a wonderful healing tool.
  •         And, this beautiful bird helps us with bad habits, and finding our true path.
Friendly Kookaburra Visiting

Friendly Kookaburra Visiting

Was this friendly omen sent by spirit to ensure that I continue towards my goals, or did my father want to let me know that he was listening to me, and knowing how much I love all living creatures sent me something wonderful?  Either way, I just want to say to you that as you walk through your life, keep your eyes open and look for the messages that are being sent to you, because sometimes life gets in the way and we can miss really big signposts.

Finally, remember that omens can take the form of anything; a falling leaf, a book on a shelf, a frequently heard name, or even a Kookaburra in a cemetery.  Who knows what form ‘your’ omens will take, so stay alert and watch for them?

Kookaburra reminding me of my goals.

Kookaburra reminding me of my goals.


7 thoughts on “Look for the omens in your life every day.

  1. So interested to read this. I had a kookaburra fly down to me in a similar way yesterday while I was gardening before dusk. He was being bullied by 4 noisy miners and stayed put whilst I shooed them away and then flew back and forth from tree branch to right at my feet looking for worms and watching me until dark. It felt like an omen, especially after numerous disappointments recently with my work/ what I have always thought was my creative path. I do hope it is a message to keep persisting! He left me feeling very happy in any case.

    • I’m so pleased to hear that not only did you like the post, but that this wonderful bird decided to visit you…..spirit will ensure that you receive messages, or help needed by any means necessary. Sometimes when we’re in a stressed place, it’s hard to step out of it, but an animal visitor (omen) will always brings a smile to our face.

      Your Kookaburra visitor was there to tell you; not to give up, the path will get easier. Travel safe on your journey xx

    • Kaz, irrespective of the little blips along the way, you need to remember to ‘pat yourself on the back’ because; you did, decide to instigate change, and transformation in your existing situation……..Every step we take to improve ourselves or our lives is a wonderful achievement, and those little blocks that appear, only show us how strong we actually are.

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