Eclipses – Expect the Unexpected

Depending on where you live in the world, you may lucky enough to experience an incredible Solar eclipse on the 29th April 2014, but unfortunately for those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s primarily based in the following regions: South Asia, Australia, The Pacific, The Indian Ocean and Antarctica, however this doesn’t mean that its energy will not have some kind of effect on your life, even if it’s only minimal.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


This particular eclipse will occur when the moon is almost at its farthest distance from the earth, thereby not being a total eclipse, and only partially visible to certain parts of the world. In fact the only place it will be fully seen is a small area of Antarctica.

A solar eclipse always happens at the time of a New Moon, a lunar eclipse; during a full moon and both can have a life changing affect on us, but more than anything it’s a time when you should ‘expect the unexpected’.

To be honest, eclipses can give you a feeling of ‘lack of control’ in your life. Events will occur, over which you have no bearing…….they just happen!! That doesn’t mean they have to be bad, sometimes they can be quite good, it’s just that they’re not planned for.

And these occurrences, can provide what we need to move forwards in life, even if it’s just; ‘un-sticking’ our current circumstances….don’t you sometimes feel that you’re ‘stuck’ and no matter what you try you’re just spinning your wheels? An eclipse can you help with that, even though it may not be immediately noticeable.

During this momentous time, someone or something can either leave or enter your life, i.e.: you get a new job, or leave one. You could divorce or marry, become self-employed, employed or even unemployed. There are no rules or restrictions towards what might change.

Eclipse, with thanks to Nemo at

Eclipse, with thanks to Nemo at


One good thing about eclipses though is that they can point out, or show you, what isn’t working and what can be improved upon… might suddenly get an idea for a new business, or realize a new dream, unexpectedly come into money……there are no barriers during this time, but beware; the reverse can also be true, and you could lose a source of income.

I do suggest however that you don’t take steps to start something new under an eclipse, it’s better to wait at least 7 days, or even a few weeks because the situation can change at any moment.  Give yourself some breathing room to mull things over. Don’t make definitive decisions, always leave a way out during eclipse season.

Unfortunately, the message you receive from an eclipse, may not eventuate until a month and a day after the actual event, and in some small cases it may even have been delivered up to a month and day beforehand, but this is entirely dependent on your astrological make-up. In some extreme cases, it’s even possible for an eclipse to affect you for up to 6 months later, but that would again depend on other planetary events occurring.

So watch your life for the next few weeks rather like an observer, and see what occurs. I’ll be watching mine, and I’ll be waiting for the fun to erupt.

The Moon with thanks to Geralt at

The Moon with thanks to Geralt at






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