Be Grateful for the Blessings in Your Life

I awoke a little despondent this morning, not only because we’re moving into winter and the nights are a lot colder now……Imagine if your overnight temperature dropped from 28 degrees to a low 7 within a few weeks, you’d feel a bit chilly too…….although, my mood can be best attributed to the fact that: for the last 18 months, I’ve felt as is I’ve been travelling around the bottom curve of ‘The Wheel Of Fortune’ card  (Tarot).

Throughout our lives, we all travel around the wheel, sometimes we’re up, and sometimes we’re down, but we never remain at one particular point on the wheel, and as I’m already aware that I’m ascending again, I know life will improve, but that knowledge doesn’t help on a daily basis, so today I decided to take a walk in nature to lift my spirits.

Pelicans on Tomato Lake, Perth. WA.

Pelicans on Tomato Lake, Perth. WA.

I live extremely close to a picturesque lake called ‘Tomato Lake’, of all things, apparently the land used to be used for; you guessed it, growing tomatoes. Depending on the time of year, the lake can be home to numerous types of waterfowl. I’ve seen everything from, spoonbills & cormorants to black swans and pelicans, not forgetting the swamp hens, and your regular assortment of ducks. There’s even a colony of nesting Ibis, which can range from hundreds, to a few dozen, again depending on the season. And believe me, you don’t want an Ibis in your garden, their toilet habits are abysmal, and big, very big!!

Black Swan Family

Black Swan Family

This morning, I decided to stroll around the lake to get some clarity on decisions I need to make, and I’d not gone 10 minutes when I met a man walking 2 beautiful spoodles (poodle-cocker spaniels cross), we stopped to chat, and this man proceeded to tell me all about his wife who has been going through some terrible medical procedures over the last few years, culminating in the removal of her spleen.

After finishing our conversation, I found my mood lightened because I realised; my life could be a lot worse, and I shouldn’t complain, however when I passed my ‘eureka’ moment on to someone else, their immediate response was “Well, it doesn’t make me feel better, it just reminds me that I need to pick up the pace in my life, because what if I get ill. How will I manage, or look after myself”?

In no way, am I castigating this person because they were only talking from a place of worry, but it did make me think; what a fine example of not being grateful for current blessings. It also brought home to me, our human tendency to dwell in negativity and ingratitude, but we have to remember; there is always something in our life that is wonderful, and unless we take the time to stop and smell the flowers, how will we realise this.

Duck Family at the lake,

Duck Family at the lake,

We may have days where things don’t go right, but we have just as many, if not more, where things do, so take a few minutes out of your day, and look for the blessings in your life, and remember to thank spirit for them.


Unusual water bird seen at Tomato Lake.

Unusual water bird seen at Tomato Lake.


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