Is there a Vampire Among Your nearest & Dearest? A Psychic Vampire, that is.

We’ve all heard about mesmerising, immortal humans that turn into bats, and drool over our necks, but how many of us are aware that our inner circle could contain someone just as invasive, only it’s not our blood they crave, just our energy.

They aren’t frightened of the sun or garlic, and approach them with a wooden stake, and they’ll only ask about your garden. Don’t expect them to hang out in cemeteries, and believe me, threatening them with ‘Buffy’ will have no effect, and yet they can be considered as much a predator as their more mythical brethren.

Picture with thanks to pattyjansen on

Picture with thanks to pattyjansen on

Unfortunately, this ‘energy stealer’ can be a friend, a colleague, or a loved one and in their defence they may not even know what they’re doing, it can be a totally unconscious action, even a character trait that they’re not aware they have.

Even their victims aren’t always conscious of what’s happening. They just know that after spending time with a certain person, they feel deflated, exhausted, demoralized, stressed and maybe; even lacking in confidence.

Psychic vampires are sometimes confused with pessimists, or negativity driven souls because they have a lot of the same qualities, but these 2 two groups of people aren’t necessarily energy drainers, and may only be doing emotional harm to themselves.

Bats with

Bats with

If you know anyone, with some, or all of the following characteristics, then you may be keeping company with a vampire, and it’s advisable that you limit your time in their vicinity.

  • They have a ‘poor me’ mentality, and they consider themselves victims, or can act like a martyr…..a tendency towards paranoia.
  • They assume that everyone is always talking about them, and yet they themselves are quite self-centred….it must ‘all’ be about them.
  • They can be very critical, and have an opinion on everyone else’s life, yet they don’t like you giving them advice.
  • They have a tendency towards controlling behaviour, can be very manipulative, and are extremely adept at the ‘back-handed compliment’….you’ve not been subtlety insulted, until a psychic vampire has done it.
  • Authentic behaviour is very hard for them, and you have trouble trusting them, and wonder if they’re lying to you…, you’re not paranoid they just make you feel that way.
  • They have their own agenda, but are very clever hiding it. You believe they don’t want you to succeed or achieve your goals, but you can’t be certain, can you? Well, you’re right!
  • No matter your circumstances, they’re envious of you and are continually asking about your life. You seem to have no privacy, and they always know best.
  • They complain, whinge, and bemoan their lives. Drama always happens to them. Your problems are nothing compared to theirs’, or so they think.

If you recognise some of these little idiosyncrasies in someone you know, then you’re keeping company with; a metaphorical bloodsucker, and you’ll need to restrict contact, as well as maintain your own positivity, For something a little more tangible, carry ‘tuned’ protective crystals, or learn a protection bubble method… extreme cases. Move this person out of your life.

Picture with thanks to

Picture with thanks to


One thought on “Is there a Vampire Among Your nearest & Dearest? A Psychic Vampire, that is.

  1. Reblogged this on The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath and commented:
    This article on energy vampires is one that I thought was great. I need to be reminded of them as often as the next person. Besides the list given here, let me add one item: people who are energy vampires will call their “friends” and stay on the phone giving them all the minute details of their misfortunes, asking for counsel and assistance, sometimes making the friend feel responsible or required to help them deal with it all. Then, as it becomes the friends turn to talk, the vamp will be done and need to hang up.

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