Mercury Retrograde can affect us all, so don’t get complacent.

I’m running a bit late with this post, as I acquired – through no fault of my own, I might add – a seasonal cold, and once you have one, it seems to take on a life of its own.

Although, I shouldn’t really be surprised that it arrived, as we’ve moved into Mercury Retrograde, and I should know; that this wonderful little planet can always find a way to throw a spanner in the works…..I guess I should be pleased it’s only a cold. But, there’s still a few more weeks to go yet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s no more ‘little mishaps’ on the horizon.

And, being born when Mercury is Retrograde, or when its energy still lingers, will only give you a slight advantage over those who were born when the planet was direct.

The Solar System with thanks to Wikilmages on

The Solar System with thanks to Wikilmages on

This planetary event can occur 3, and sometimes 4 times a year, and not always at the same time, so unless you’re aware it’s approaching you can’t prepare for it. You just know that frustrating things are happening in your life.

During this, sometimes ominous period; Mercury appears to slow down, stop and then travel backwards before seeming to proceed forward again, and as this astrological imp, rules all travel and communication issues it can cause problems in these areas.  When you consider that travel, can mean anything from buses to planes, and communication includes everything from computers to conversations, you can really get yourself in a pickle.

During this irritating time, it’s not a good idea to sign contracts,  or make plans, and don’t buy expensive machinery or equipment, appointments can be cancelled and luggage can be lost, but it’s not all bad news; Mercury Retrograde is also a great time to re-think things.  It enables us to slowly look at what might need mending, particularly in relationships & friendships.  Even things that were lost can be found.

If you’ve had ideas or projects sat on a shelf because you’re not sure how to move them forward, then Mercury Retrograde is a great time to re-visit them, and view them with a fresh eye, but even so I ask that you have respect for this important phase because sometimes; ‘the mouth opens & words come out that you regret’. Always think about what you’re saying & doing during a Mercury Retrograde transit, and be prepared for the unexpected.

The best advice I can give is; use the time wisely, have a spring clean, both physically & emotionally, take time to reflect on the past, review plans & goals and remember anything that you sign or start while this planet is retrograde made need to be re-done when it moves forward again.

Caduceus with thanks to Nemo on

Caduceus with thanks to Nemo on

A final bit of really important advice:  please back-up your computer before a retrograde period as in today’s modern society, it along with your mobile phone is a major communication device, and Mercury is the Messenger……..for good or bad.

During the rest of 2014 we still have 2 retrograde periods (as follows) to traverse and I hope they treat you well.  Expect to feel the affect, at least 7 days before and after these dates.

Currently until 1st July 2014 (Southern Hemisphere)

4th October 2014 until 25th October 2014




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