Our Spirit Guides Are Exactly Like You & Me, They Just, Don’t Have Physical Bodies.

I guess, some people would consider me a little blasé about my relationship with my guides because I generally refer to them as; The Guys Upstairs, but as they don’t seem to mind, why should anyone else?

Don’t get me wrong, I can be very respectful when talking to them, but I don’t let them run roughshod over me. As far as I’m concerned, one’s connection with one’s guides should be a two-way street. We don’t work for them, or vice-versa. We work together in cohesive harmony. This enables us to complete the tasks that we agreed to before incarnation.

When you have a healthy rapport with them, it almost feels like you have an ‘invisible’ family walking alongside you, because they are just like you and me. They love, they laugh, they get frustrated with us (I’m sure mine do, frequently), they share our sorrows, they can get impatient, and irritated – remember, they once walked on the earth in human form too – they also have their likes and dislikes, just like us.

It’s true, they’re here to guide and teach us, but they’re also aware that we have to live ‘this’ life. Otherwise, what’s the point of being in human form if we learn nothing from it? So they’re happy for us to make mistakes, they don’t expect perfection, but, one little codicil here; neither do they like us hurting other people…..big NO-NO there!

Native American 1899 - with thanks to tpsdave on pixabay.com

Native American 1899 – with thanks to tpsdave on pixabay.com

Our guides come in all shapes & sizes, just like people. They also come from all levels of spirit. Naturally, the more advanced we are, the more knowledgeable the teacher, and, they can be a bit sneaky at times. To give you an example, when I first come into my abilities I worked with an Olmec warrior called ‘Tkastioun’, but once I became proficient, I found myself working with a Sioux Chieftain called ‘Grey Wolf although, because the spiritual energy remained the same, it was very disconcerting at times.

(A lot of spirit guides are Native American, because of their level of spirituality, as a culture, not ours’).

After a little discussion with my supposed ‘new’ guide I discovered, they were one and the same, but because of my spiritual progression, I was allowed to communicate with him in his real guise. It seems that ‘Tkastioun’ was a previous incarnation of Grey Wolf’s, almost like training wheels for me……it doesn’t mean I don’t miss seeing, Tkastioun’s face occasionally though.

When conversing with, or talking about our spirit guides – not to be confused with Guardian Angels – we must remember that we have more than one. Yes, we have a highest guide, but we also have; healers, teachers, creativity guides, counsellors & listeners, even prior, and deceased family members can be part of our circle. In fact, there’s a train of thought that, our actual guides are departed family. That’s not been my experience though.

It’s also possible to ‘borrow’ a particular type of guide if you have a goal you’d like to fulfil. For example, if you want to write a book, and don’t believe you have the necessary skills, you can ask for a creativity guide to join your little group. They generally do this on a temporary basis, but who says you can’t ask for a long-term contract?

During my years working as a clairvoyant medium, on numerous occasions I was asked to described a particular client’s guide(s) – they don’t all visit at the same time, they’re busy too – and I was frequently queried about personal moments, and I can assure you; our guides do know the meaning of the word discretion. Fortunately, they’re not at all vicarious, and know whether they’re welcome, or not, as the case may be.

Dream Catcher with thanks to PublicDomainPictures on pixabay.com

Dream Catcher with thanks to PublicDomainPictures on pixabay.com

Many years ago, I was very privileged to have pictures of my guides drawn by Coral Polge, who was an amazing UK medium and spiritual artist. Unfortunately, Coral passed away in 2001 but her renderings were so lifelike, that they gave an authenticity to my contact with my ‘invisible’ family, and I recommend if you can find an artist with such skill, that you do obtain pictures of your guides……it will make them seem more real to you.


I will also state; we do not have to contact our guides if we prefer not to, but that doesn’t mean; that they aren’t there. They will still walk alongside us, protecting and guiding us when required, so talk to them, they’ll appreciate the acknowledgement.

Just a quick, final comment; we also have animals in spirit that walk with us, and they can be loved pets that have passed on , as well as power animals, but that’s for another post.


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