Thought, Really Does Make Things. But…….There Are Rules!

When you stop to think about life, there is one fundamental truth that can be found in every human being irrespective of our station in life or our spirituality, and that is……….we ‘all’ want something!

I’m not necessarily talking about something tangible that can be held in our hands. In fact, sometimes all that may be required is a little peace of mind for; either ourselves, or another, or even the world at large, although primarily, what most of us require is ‘things’.  Whether, it’s more money, more love, more travel, more success, more freedom, more control, our shopping list is endless. Yet we don’t stop to think that by adding; a little more positivity, or gratitude to our mindset we can actually bring what we want to fruition, and it doesn’t matter if it has physicality, or not.

Eagle Nebula, with thanks to Wikilmages at

We spend days, wishing and hoping for ‘stuff’ believing; that we have to work our fingers to the bone, in jobs that we don’t particularly enjoy, to afford our heart’s desire. We don’t even consider that there may be subliminal techniques we can use, that will attract more material possessions, and emotional abundance into your lives.

Mention affirmations, or manifestations, and most people will have heard of them, even if some deem them to be a little airy-fairy, and the Law of Attraction is virtually a part of the English language, so much has been written about it, but how many actually know; there are rules to working with affirmations, or that when used wrongly, manifestations can rebound, especially if our intent is to harm another.

Heavenly Sunset, with thanks to PublicDomainPictures (

Heavenly Sunset, with thanks to PublicDomainPictures (

And, were you aware; that the LOA (Law of Attraction) does not differentiate between, good, bad or indifferent, and that what you send out to the Universe will come back to you. Therefore, it’s important to watch your thoughts, to ensure that negative wording doesn’t get in the way of your request.

Did you know; that the LOA (Law of Attraction) doesn’t work to our timing but spirits’, (or, the cosmos if you prefer) and that; the timing has to be ‘just right’ in their eyes? And, had you been told, that this law never takes a break? It works all hours of the day and night, not just during the few seconds or minutes that you’re concentrating on it.

Had it even crossed your mind; that you have to use the correct tense when repeating your affirmations? Chant “When I’m rich” instead of “I am rich”, and your goal will always be in the future, and something you continue to strive for.

To top it off…..whatever you request, may not turn up in the manner you wish, so you have to ‘expect the unexpected’ when attempting to manifest. Not forgetting, that no matter what method you use to try to attain your objective, it’s necessary to anticipate gratitude otherwise you’re only pushing your dreams further into the future.

So, yes, our unconscious mind is an incredible tool, and the universe is always on our side, but, like most things, there are rules to be followed, but is it really a hardship, when a few simple regulations could culminate in; you achieving all your hopes and dreams?


The Solar System, with thanks to aklars, on

The Solar System, with thanks to aklara, on



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