The Element of Air

The dominion of Air is a gentle and delicate place, situated between the spiritual and physical planes. It’s known to be both; intellectual, and uniquely individual. It’s symbolic of our thought processes, and new beginnings, and it’s long been linked to ‘our breath’, which gives us life. In ancient times, Air was understood to be the equivalent of; our soul or spirit.

When a newborn was gently slapped by a midwife, or attending physician, it was said; evil or sin was being expelled, and when a mother softly breathed into her infant’s mouth, then she was giving ‘the breath of life’ to the child’s soul or spirit.

When the soul left the body, it was believed that; by holding a mirror against the mouth of the dying, their spirit could be captured in the mirror. This action is still carried out today, in certain places to determine if a person is still breathing…..unfortunately it’s not widely known, that a mirror is a ‘soul trap’, according to folklore, of course.

Air; is alleged to be the connection between, thought and action, enabling spiritual inspiration to become the physical, and people born to the element of Air, will be innovative, creative and intelligent.

Other Personality Traits of Air…..

  • People with a predominance of Air are great thinkers, and they communicate well, analyze everything and theorize non-stop.
  • They have the ability to change circumstances with amazing speed, and they’ll usually land on their feet.
  • Air folk, love freedom, both for themselves, and others.
  • They have a strong sense of justice and fair play, and they firmly believe in truth and honesty.
  • They can seem elusive, and hard to pin down. This makes them appear maddening at times
  • They love the abstract and the unusual, but have a hard time making commitments… fact, they frequently procrastinate.
  • They’re quite pragmatic, and rely on rationality, before their emotions when facing a complex situation.
  • They live in their head, rather than their heart.
  • Air people are both, creative and imaginative.

Air Qualities….

Symbolic Gender: Feminine

Colour: Blue, silver, white and grey

Symbols: Circle, bird, bell, sylph, flute, chimes and cloud

Plants: Almond, broom, clover, eye-bright, lavender and pine

Crystals: Amethyst, sapphire, citrine and azurite

Implements: Wand, rod and staff

Locale: Sky, mountain tops, tree tops, bluffs and airplanes

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Season & Time of Day: Spring and dawn

Archangel: Raphael

Elemental Direction: East

Actions: Thinking, reading, speaking, praying and singing.


2 thoughts on “The Element of Air

    • Thank you! What a beautiful thing to say. Hopefully, I won’t change, just grow as we all must do. Life is a lesson-filled path that we all have to walk. Keep writing your wonderful words ❤

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