Knowing When to Walk Away!

Have you ever spent ‘weeks’, or even ‘years’ knocking your head against a brick wall, trying to improve a situation in your life, when all you really needed to do, was acknowledge; that it’s time to walk away.

For most of my life, I tried to gain acceptance from a certain person, only to find myself; rebuffed, insulted, denigrated, and humiliated to such a degree, that I once, travelled to the other side of the world to escape.

(To this day, I look for the target on my head, because I’m sure there must be one there).

But… a fool; after many years, I returned, and once again put myself within this person’s orbit. Perhaps, in the hope they’d mellowed? Or, maybe something inside me didn’t want to cut them out of my life, because I knew they’d find it painful…..but, is it right; to submit ourselves to more pain, to ease someone else’s?   Or, is it better in the long run, both emotionally, and spiritually to just; walk away?

I’m aware, (as in my case) that sometimes; there’s an unresolved past-life issue needing completion, although, does that only emerge, when we’re strong enough to say; “I need to put myself first”?

As children, we’re taught to believe; that others, must come first. And we seem to have an inherent ability, to turn the other cheek. However, are we only doing ourselves incalculable damage by remaining in a situation, whereby; we’re setting ourselves up to be hurt, because we continue to give our ‘assailant’ chance after chance….where, does it stop? When. is it enough? When do we realise; we deserve better?

When, do we just; walk away?


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