count down to Mabon

secret order of the dryads

As the dog days of summer patter out and the coolness of autumn finally comes calling, we, as witches, begin gearing up for blessed Mabon. The time of year we bid fairwell to the sun and heat of summer and usher in the chill breezes and chillier nights of the fall. I am, like many others, particularly fond of autumn. The change it brings, the cooler weather, the colors, the food. Oh, the food! Only after the first day of fall has come and gone will I make my family’s (and my own) favorite pumpkin muffins and maple-infused acorn squash soup (among a few other autumn-only goodies).

It isn’t just about the food, though. It’s that feeling of oneness with family and familiars. Seeking shelter from the upcoming winter. I’m certain it harkens back to the days long before there were electric heaters and grocery stores with year-round supplies of…

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