The Location of Your Aura Boundary = Personal Space.

It’s a rare person who hasn’t heard the word aura bandied around, especially when discussing the energy field surrounding; our physical body, but very few are aware that it does have an outer limit.  And, whilst it’s true that most of us can recognise when someone steps inside ‘our’ personal space, we don’t know where this sentient area begins?

Physically, it’s situated approximately an arm’s length away, but in times of extreme stress, or need, it can increase its reach. It has an almost rubber-band-like capability – to a degree – but, by the same token, it can also be drawn inwards, towards our body to; ‘lock-us-down’. Both these inherent qualities ensure that we remain spiritually protected, from an energy attack, and our aura is more cognizant of these times than we are.

To demonstrate how our aura can automatically take over, I’d like to recount an incident from my own life that happened many years ago.

I’d been invited to sit in a spiritual circle with people who were largely unknown to me. During the course of the evening, I felt an insistent ‘tickle-like’ sensation on the crown of head. It wasn’t painful, but it was noticeable (I must state; no-one was stood anywhere near me). Within minutes, of me consciously acknowledging this feeling, I felt my aura pull closer to my body, and lock itself down…..that’s the only way I know how to describe the event.

The evening drew to a close about an hour later, with my aura remaining steadfastly secure the whole time. However, once I stepped outside the building, I physically felt my aura shake itself, much like a wet dog shaking off water. It then settled back into its usual position, and I can only assume; it was ridding both itself, and me, of any tendrils that remained after, what I can only assume, was a ‘deliberate’ psychic attack. Fortunately, I was made aware who the perpetrator was, and to this day; I have no contact with them, whatsoever.

I believe myself fortunate, that my aura took its job seriously that day, because the intrusion may have been quite detrimental to my health….that could have been, the intent for all I know.

Since that event, I am aware of my aura’s position at all times, albeit unconsciously, and therefore, I’d like to show you how to locate your aura’s boundary.

  • Sit, or lie in a quiet place, where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Close your eyes, and calm your breathing, let your thoughts drift away.
  • After a few moments, take your consciousness, to the ‘perceived’ edge, of your aura (situated approx an arm’s length away). Your aura will become aware of your presence, and it will buzz, and tingle against your upper arms.
  • You may be able to feel a barrier, you may not. Either way, I want you to visualise your consciousness pushing against an invisible barrier, and stretching it outwards, as far as you can. You’ll know when to stop pushing.
  • Hold your aura in this position, for a few moments, and then ‘let it go’. You will literally feel it twang back into place.
  • When it’s stopped vibrating, visualise yourself, pulling this barrier as close to your body as possible. It must feel like a 2nd skin, tight against your body.
  • Again, hold your aura in this position, for a few moments, and again, ‘let it go’. Like before, it will rebound back into its natural place.
  • Try this a few times, and before long, you will be aware of your aura’s limit. This can be tested, by asking people to step inside this area. You’ll notice you’ll start to feel uncomfortable, in almost the same place, where you’ve been spiritually shown that your aura commences.

This is a simple procedure, but if you have trouble implementing it, please leave a comment and I’ll help you through it.










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