Are our lives, and the world, in a situation of; Darkest, Before the Dawn?

I recently had an unpleasant experience which made me wonder; is the human race going down the drain at a rate of knots, or are we merely in limbo, just waiting for a new spiritual age to commence.

(When The Fifth Dimension sang; ‘This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ in 1969, they were being a bit pre-emptive, because technically; we still have a few more centuries to go before we leave the Age of Pisces – some astrologers may dispute this, though).

Astrological Flower

But I digress…..

Having moved from a very large city (London) to a somewhat smaller one (Perth) I was surprised to note, a divergence between; what I remembered, what I expected, and what the city, I now call home, is actually like.

I expected; less crime, cleaner surroundings and happier, smiling people, but that’s, not what I found. So, I wonder; am I merely missing London, or to humanize it; is London a Grown-up, whilst Perth is still a teenager? And does each city’s, spiritual growth or belief have a bearing on this?


We claim we want to be more spiritual, compassionate, forgiving and kinder to others, but instead; atrocities are committed on a daily basis. Crime is rampant. Poverty; is still a fact of life in civilised cities, and we’re more inclined to be wary of strangers, rather than greeting them with a smile.

Are we as humans; trying to incorporate beneficial change in both ourselves and our environment, or are we stuck in a never-ending circle, where it’s easier to deflect responsibility, whilst expecting to receive the best the world has to offer.

Will a new astrological age change this?  And, are we just ‘temporarily’ allowing our baser natures to rule us?

As we strive for more and more technological advances, will they actually help us, or will we only crave bigger and better upgrades?


At what cost to our soul?

Is the propensity for reality-viewing, just an attempt to stem any isolation we feel; via a window to someone else’s world? Or, does it only increase our dissatisfaction with our own lives, thereby creating a society of greed and envy?

Since time began, there’s always been an aspect of humanity, that will do anything to fulfil their yearnings for more, whether it be money, love or success, and it’s endemic the world over, not just restricted to a few particular countries or cities. But, is the long-emerging spiritual movement, minimising the impact this could have on us as a whole?

Whilst it’s true that spirituality, or religion, if you prefer, has eternally been a cornerstone of society, is it now ushering in a new mindset? Are we looking for new ways to achieve what we want?

Are we ready to farewell the seven sins, and face the sunrise of a new dawn?




6 thoughts on “Are our lives, and the world, in a situation of; Darkest, Before the Dawn?

      • I do realise how busy you are. I just hope that you are getting plenty of ME time Julie. As for me, I am in the warm at home. Fun ? No. Content ? Yes. Happy Sunday my friend 😀

      • HI sweets, my busy time is mainlydue to family and Christmas, sometimes I wonder where the days go. You stay in the warm. It;s just settling into summer here, I could do with a bit of snow personally……makes christmas feel like christmas. Julie x

      • It’s a funny old world ! You wanting snow and myself dreading the onset of another cold winter after being used to months of really hot weather. I can’t complain as I am warm indoors. It’ll be a quiet Christmas for me which is okay. 😀

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