Give; And You Shall Receive.

As children, I’m sure most of us were told by our parents; it’s better to give than receive, but has this just taken away our ability to manifest, thereby amplifying our belief in scarcity?

Do we second-guess our own capacity to donate to charity, or give our last penny to a homeless man, and do we; worry about spending our hard-earned money on something we truly desire?


On a recent trip to Perth city library, I walked along a busy mall, and noticed a beggar sat on the street ahead of me, and being aware that I only had a few dollars in my purse – I hadn’t planned on shopping – I immediately began to consciously calculate the money I had, and deliberated over giving this poor unfortunate some of my meagre coin.

Almost straight-away, I heard someone whisper “remember the law of threefold-return”, and without thinking anymore, I handed this man some of my precious gold coins……in return, he gave me a beaming smile, and a grateful ‘thank you’.

Thinking no more about it, I got on with my day!

Chinese Coins

Three hours later; I received a phone call from a local retail outlet advising I had won a family pass to the Perth Zoo. It was a very welcome prize, as I love to spend time amongst animals, and…….it was worth a lot more, than the few dollars I’d given to the homeless gentleman.

So…next time you think about giving; do it happily because not only are you helping someone less fortunate than yourself, you may even receive something incredible in return. Perhaps it won’t be anything tangible, but bringing a smile to the recipient’s face, is reward enough.




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