The Only Way Is Up, Or……It Was!

On January 1st I had such wonderful plans for 2015, and yet here I am; 11 days in, with a lovely red-shaded inflammation crawling down my right arm, thanks to an unknown insect deciding I resembled lunch.

Boy! Does it itch!


As you’ve probably heard; Australia is home to some wonderfully, exotic, creepy-crawlies, who have no compunction about giving you a little nip if you’re in the right place at the right time (according to them)……tell them; you have plans to proceed with, and you’ll probably get a toothy grin in response, but should I be grateful to this little mugger, disguised as an arthropod?

Was my little insect-attacker, a sign from spirit to slow down, and wait until the time is right before I proceed with new projects, or should I just charge ahead like originally planned?

Not that I need an excuse to take a time-out.


Did I tell you; it itches something chronic?

We make plans, and once the idea is in our head, we want to move forward with all haste, not realising, that sometimes spirit need to prepare the path for us. They may have an opportunity in mind that needs a little fine-tuning, but we’re so focused on the goal in front of us, we don’t stop to smell the roses. All we can see is the ladder that takes us onwards, and upwards.

But we have to remember; failure is only temporary. Success is eternal, and has no firm definition, so if you have your sights set on an upwards path, stop occasionally to think and have a respite break, because a better idea may surface…..if you don’t, spirit may send a little ‘mugger’ after you too.

Travel Safe!

Honey Bee


4 thoughts on “The Only Way Is Up, Or……It Was!

  1. Ouch . . . yes, I have read that Australia has some nasty little buggers. Because of global warming, we have had a new breed of venomous spider deciding to make its home in the North East U.S. I’m not very happy about that plus I just found out that the Timbler Rattle snake is here now! never would have thought it in a million years, well, maybe a million. My Mom use to use good old fashioned mud for spider bites . . .hope the itch goes away!

    • Let’s just say it was an experience I can do without. I still have a lovely little (not) discolouration down my arm….don’t have a clue what bit me. It was obviously hungry though.

      Rattle snakes? Hmmmm, I think you can keep those. I may love all creatures, big and small, but Australian customs may have a problem if I wanted one of those.

      Not sure about the mud idea, but perhaps I need to wear mittens to stop the scratching…..although, in 35 degree heat, maybe not.

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