Remember: You Are, ‘The’ Most Important Person in Your Life

Remember- You Are, ‘The’ Most Important (1)

I sat at my desk today, and opened my laptop; intending to work on some writing projects, that have been sat on the back burner for a while. Only to discover, several personal emails from various acquaintances, either wanting my time, or detailing their grievances, about certain issues they’re going through……bear in mind, these were not clients, these are people on the periphery of my social circle.

Like an automaton, I started to reply to these individuals, yet in a corner of my mind, a voice whispered; I needed some solitude, so I can finish something important to me without distractions.

We’ve all been there, placing someone else’s concerns above our own. Deeming their life; more important than ours’

Where our friends and family are concerned, it’s understandable that we’ll want to put their needs before our own, that’s part of ‘love’, but when did it become mandatory; to say ‘yes’ to every request, at the detriment of self.

This whole subject brought to the forefront of my mind, a phrase I always present to my spiritual clients – sometimes you have to be selfish, because how can you meet another person’s needs, if your own aren’t being met?

NB: I said selfish, not self-centred, there is a difference!

I want to give you a challenge, try to say ‘No’ to someone every day, and as you do, repeat to yourself – “During these few minutes, I come first”.



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