Money Garden Meditation

Money Garden Meditation –

We all worry about the state of our finances, and ‘not’ having enough money to meet our needs, so this is a little meditation, that will only take a few moments to complete, and may help you acquire more; dough, moolah, loot, bread, cash, bucks, whatever you prefer to call it.

Money Tree

  • Either sit or lie in a safe, quiet place. Close your eyes, and slowly breathe in and out, until your breath is calm and relaxed.
  • Picture behind your 3rd eye (it’s situated mid-brow, just above where your eyebrows meet), a garden gate, or a pair of ornate doors, this is your preference, but you may find they have a predetermined appearance.
  • Visualise yourself approach this portal, grasp the handle, and pull the gate, or doors open, and step through.
  • You’ll find yourself in an incredible garden, landscaped to your design. There could be a stream, a bridge, trees and flowers, there’s no restriction to what’s in your garden.
  • As you walk through, you’ll note that paper money will be growing on the bushes and trees, gold coins will lie on the path like pebbles, and there may be; jewels lining the bank of the stream.
  • Collect as much of this money as you wish. There’s no limit. The money belongs to you. Any bag, or containers required will be easily found, either on the ground or in your pockets.
  • When you’ve gathered enough funds, leave your garden through the entrance, thanking spirit as you do so. Be aware, that you may visit the garden at any time.
  • Open your eyes after you have bubbled yourself with a protection bubble, and if you wish; ensure that the surface of your protection bubble is covered by a mirrored magnet to attract more money to you in daily life.

NB: if you don’t know how to protectively bubble yourself, I will post the methodology over the next few days.

Kermit Bathing


2 thoughts on “Money Garden Meditation

  1. This is similar to the money meditation I practice and teach. I really enjoyed your meditation, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Light Workers like ourselves. Blessings to you!

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