Definitely Not, Bird-brained.

Animals never cease to amaze me. They have a depth within them that we just don’t realise. They’re full of emotion, joy, and intelligence. It doesn’t matter whether they’re furred, feathered or scaled; they’re capable of so much. We just don’t give them enough credit.

I adore all animals, big or small, but lately; birds that have come into my life, truly amaze me.

A long-time resident at my local pet shop is a beautiful female cockatoo called Richie, who seems to have taken a shine to me. She’ll sit on my shoulder, and cuddle into my neck, muttering away all the time. On the days she’s not allowed out of her cage (not all the staff get on with her) she’ll lean against the bars so I can give her a scratch…, when I visited, she handed me a white feather, she’d collected from the floor, as a gift.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week or two since my last visit, she always remembers me, and requests a cuddle or a scratch.


In an earlier post, I mentioned the fact, that crows were a frequent visitor to my garden, wanting a snack……well, things have progressed further.

These beautiful birds, astounded me recently with their intelligence.

I was walking to the gym, a mere 15 minutes away, when I found myself followed from my home, to the door of the club by several beautiful black feathered friends.

They dipped and dived around me, they sat on stone pillars as I walked past. They perched on trees, literally at shoulder height. You could say; they were different crows, but I think not. When they flew circles around me, it was hard to believe they were strangers.  It was as if; they knew me, and were keeping me in their sights…….do they now imagine me as part of their flock? I just don’t know, but it was an intense experience.


And, you may remember my little foster lorikeet from a few months back, another wonderful creature that came into my life. I think about her frequently, perhaps I imprinted on her as much, as she did me? I still have a picture of her on my desk, to remind me that; all creatures have feelings, and deserve to be given our love.

Rainbow Lorikeets

And, I better not forget the magpie family that have adopted me, and regularly call through the front door when it’s dinner time. My little baby ‘Circles’ even let’s me hand feed him, and always races to the head of the queue – He gained his name because, he turns circles whenever he sees me……funny little fella.

So next time, you see a bird sat in a tree, say a quick hello, because they may have come into your life for a reason.



8 thoughts on “Definitely Not, Bird-brained.

  1. I love this post, especially your relationship with the birds. Aren’t the lorikeets sweet ? I’ve not seen any of the birds in your post here, but have many varieties of small birds ie. finches, fly catchers, sparrows; and BIG ones, ie. buzzards, eagles, storks. My favourite is the kingfisher’s flash of turquoise 😀 ❤

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