A Pink Orb, UFO; or A Peek-A-Boo Planet?

As I’ve mentioned before, the full moon has a very strange affect on me, but before you ask; No, I do not grow talons and fangs, or suddenly become very hairy……how weird would that be; a vegetarian werewolf?

During last week’s full moon – 5th March – the influence was even more pronounced than usual, to such a degree, that at 1.30am (Australian time), I got out of my bed and went to stand in the back garden of my home, in my PJ’s, to talk to the moon. As it was such a beautiful sight, I took pictures using the camera on my phone.

At the time, other than intense feelings, I noticed nothing unusual, so imagine my surprise when reviewing the images yesterday, I noticed a bizarre pink orb, situated slightly behind the moon.

The pictures I took, are below, and other than cropping them for size, they’ve not been edited in any way.  Although, I have auto-corrected the 3rd picture, which was captured within seconds of the first, and you’ll note; it doesn’t have a pink orb. However, if you look closely, at the lower right corner, you will see ‘something’. I just don’t know what it is.

If anybody has any ideas, about what visited me that night, Please feel free to comment……..I’m kind’ve going with; either a spiritual/angelic orb, or a planet, any guesses?

March Full Moon - Unedited 1

March Full Moon - Pink Orb 1

March Full Moon - No Orb 3


6 thoughts on “A Pink Orb, UFO; or A Peek-A-Boo Planet?

    • Morning, I see quite a lot of orbs, in fact. spirit have a habit of flashing one at me, to see if it’s okay to visit…..almost like knocking at the door.
      I remember the day of 9/11 when I was working at Citibank in London, and all of a sudden my office was filled with numerous blue orbs, and we hadn’t even had the report yet that planes had hit the towers, they appeared to me almost at the same time……it was heart-breakingly poignant, when we discovered what had happened ❤

      • Don’t look for them, and they’ll appear. I find that most show up during my relaxed moments, watching telly etc….I’ll see them first out of the corner of my eye, but if they’re insistent they’ll move into my eye-line.
        I can see them in different colours and at different height levels. I always know it’s children or animals because they appear at knee height, and more advanced spirit’s orbs float around the ceiling and are generally silvery-white.
        Take it from me, they can be very intrusive at times, and a little curious, sometimes they just pop-in to see what I’m up to…..they have learnt to be discreet though, and have not yet shown up in the bathroom….thank goodness! ❤

      • Thanks for the warning Julie.

        Heehee ! Maybe they are arguing over who’s to sell the tickets to the bathroom 😉

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