Do We Really Need Money, or Does Money Need us?

I’ve always considered money; energy, no-more, no-less, and whenever I’m low on funds, I’ve been very conscious of the fact, that money will appear somehow. It doesn’t matter if I work for it, win it, or am gifted with it, money always seems to materialize, sometimes at the ninth hour, but it does show up.

I’m not saying I don’t worry about an occasional lack of cash, or don’t have bills to pay, after all; I’m female – I’m not being sexist here, I’m just aware “retail therapy, thy name is woman” – but I must admit, I do seem to be on the correct frequency to receive cash when needed. Although, whilst I continue to work with affirmations and the law of attraction, I’ve recently started to change my perception about the filthy-lucre and begun to see it as more of an entity, because when you think about it; society has literally given money; a life of its own.

Money Man

Money in all its wonderful forms; is a human creation, yet we’ve forgotten that little fact.  Instead we’ve set it up on a pedestal. We prioritise it above anything else, and no matter how affluent we are; we crave more of it.

We want a bigger house, wonderful holidays, a better social life, and at times, we even hope to find a spouse; who can keep us in a manner, to which we’d love to become accustomed.


It’s been said; that there’s physically enough money in the world, for everyone to be a millionaire, yet, in actuality, less than 2 percent are considered to be very wealthy, so what went wrong?

Are some people smarter, or luckier, or greedier than others, or do they just believe; they will be wealthy?  Or, is it a case of; relegating money to a more appropriate place in their lives? Do they see it as nothing more than a tool to be used? Which, in reality; is what it is!


Take some coins or paper money out of your purse, or wallet, hold it in your hand and study it.

Does it walk? Talk? Think, or even have emotions? (The correct answer is no, and anyone who thinks otherwise may need a little professional help……just saying).

Now, imagine if it did have all those human attributes, and was a living breathing entity, where would it be, if we could do without it?

Obsolete, is where!

We invented money as a means of barter, in all its fantastic currencies, and sometime in the future; we’ll find a replacement for it, so we need to see it as a temporary, albeit useful visitor to our lives, no-more no-less.


To finish off, here’s an affirmation, that I frequently use:

“I attract prosperity, abundance, financial security, and new opportunities into my life, each day”


4 thoughts on “Do We Really Need Money, or Does Money Need us?

    • I agree totally, but sometimes we stress so much about money, we either; make ourselves ill, or we waste time, and don’t move forward, and we find ourselves in the same situation again and again, because we don’t push thoughts about ‘lack of money’ to the back of our minds, so we can concentrate on changing the status quo ❤

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