An Unexpected Path Chosen

When you look at your life, as it is today, right this minute; is it what you expected, or even planned?

I know mine isn’t.

Putting aside my spirit-given abilities, and looking at where I am in life, not just the location, but also financially, socially, and creatively; I know there are a lot of changes I would like to make…… why aren’t I doing it? What message or lesson have I still got to learn? What am I not seeing? Why am I remaining static? Note, I don’t say ‘stuck’, because it has the wrong connotations.

If you see yourself as ‘stuck in a certain situation’ that’s where you’ll remain. It’s better to believe; any issues are only temporary. As the Sufi poets said; it’s better to believe “This too, shall pass”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? Almost as if you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Fractal 5

I meditate regularly, I’m a thirty-year plus vegetarian, I adore all animals, even the creepy-crawly ones. I try to think positively on a daily basis, if I’m honest though, I have to say; a little negativity sneaks in occasionally. I train at the gym 4 times a week, sometimes, under protest.  And, I firmly believe in treating people as I would wish to be treated, not forgetting ‘Paying it forward’ so what am I missing?

Fractal 8

Am I being too much of a good-goody?

Am I being too spiritual, if there’s any such thing?

Should I be taking more risks?

Should I take more ‘leaps of faith’ so; ‘the net will continue to appear’?

Or, am I just; not believing enough?

Fractal 7

I recently read a quote in which it was suggested; our lives won’t change until we learn the lesson, but perhaps……..this is the lesson!

Maybe we just need to; release any attachment we feel to our present situation, go with the flow, and let the river of our lives take us where it will?

As humans, we have such high expectations of ourselves, and yet we’re willing to give others a little leeway, so why can’t we be more gentle with ourselves?  Why must we always self-judge, and lack self-belief? Why do we not see ourselves for the incredible people that we are? Why do we not give ourselves a break, and stop needing to know all the answers?

Instead of thinking; what am I not seeing? Why am I not moving forward?  Should we instead think “c’est la vie”, and just hang on for the ride?

Fractal 9


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Path Chosen

  1. Great questions. I don’t think we should strive to obliterate negative feelings. I think we should do our best in the moment so that when they eventually show up, they won’t matter anyway.

    • Exactly! We are so hard on ourselves, and end up making even more self-perceived issues, when really; we just need let it all go and be true to our inner self. People can be so incredible, and have wonderful hearts but they let their outer world impinge, and it impacts our behaviour and self-love. Since starting my blog I have made so many like-minded wonderful friends, that it’s a reminder to me, how kind people can really be ❤

      • That is a great thing, knowing that people are nice, supportive and there for us when we need them. This has been healing for me as well. x

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