Chakra Meditation & Quick Aura Cleansing

This post originated, after a request from a fellow psychic on WordPress, who’s become an online friend…’ll know who you are. Sorry, I didn’t get this meditation emailed to you a little quicker, as we all know ‘life can be a little manic’ some days, but that’s probably when a meditation is called for.

This type of meditation can be very involved at times, as it’s possible to enter all your chakras to give them a quick dusting. And, for the more advanced practitioners, there are centres within our aura, and above our head, that can be frequently visited, for further insight.

For today’s purpose though, I’m just giving you a general opening and closing process, as it’s invaluable for maintaining contact with mother earth, and to enable you to get used to working with your energy centres.

Chakra Meditation –

  • Sit in a safe, quiet place, with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Close your eyes, allow yourself to gently breathe in and out until your breath is calm and relaxed.
  • Take your consciousness to the base of your spine, and visualise a golden cord appear from your base chakra. This cord; will lengthen, and stretch below your body as it continues to grow. it will travel through the floor and all the layers of the earth, until it reaches the planet’s core.
  • Anchor this cord, to a rock that you will find situated; dead-centre. You can use a peg, a chain, or just tie it on, it’s your preference.
  • Once secured, earth energy will proceed up the cord, and enter your base chakra, opening and filling it completely. When the base it full, the energy will travel up to your Sacral, then Solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown centres by turn. Opening and filling them as it goes.
  • When your centres are wide-open, visualise above your head, spirit hands holding a goblet of divine golden light…….this goblet will start to tip, and spirit will pour the light into your crown centre. It will overflow, and fall into your brow, throat and heart centres, filling them as it goes (It will stop at the heart. It will not descend into your lower centres).
  • On completion, when your 4 higher centres are full of spiritual light, take your consciousness to the third eye, and spend however much time you wish there, conversing with your guides, angels, or meeting power animals.
  • When you’re ready to close down, thank any spirits for appearing, and for listening to your concerns if that’s what occurred.
  • Take your consciousness to your crown centre, watch as it closes up (if you see a door, with a bolt, that’s fine, if you see a wheel shrink in on itself, that’s also fine. It’s your choice).
  • When the centre is tightly closed, place a seal of some kind on top of the closed centre. It can be a religious icon, a flower, a gold star, anything……again, your choice.
  • Proceed to close and seal all your centres, except the base. Circle that centre with gold light and allow it to remain connected to mother earth. You can then call up earth energy whenever needed, whilst remaining grounded.
  • When finished, picture a gauzy cloth of gold, drop from above, falling down and around your body. As the material hits the floor, the hem will curl upwards, and begin to rise, peeling all negative, harmful or destructive energy from your aura (like flypaper), returning it to spirit….whilst in process, the cloth will resemble the letter ‘U’, as it rises from the floor.
  • When this cleanse is completed, finish your meditation by enclosing yourself in your protection bubble. Please refer to:

I hope this meditation helps you, it’s something I use on a regular basis, and when working with clients I always open my centres this way and subsequently close them after the session is over.

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