Travel Safe on Your Life’s Path

Life is a journey; we all have to make,
there’s a beginning, an end, and exploits between.
Our days can pass slowly, or fly by; in the blink of an eye,
as memories are made, to hold in our heart.

It’s an adventurous time; with people to meet and sights to see,
there’ll be paths to walk, and dreams to dream.
We’ll have achievements to make, and goals to attain,
mountains to climb and families to make.

There’ll be emotions we’ll feel, strong and deep,
from friendship and love to anger to grief.
At times, the trek will be hard, and there’ll be problems to solve,
but memorable milestones, will be created; along our way.

Our bodies will age, and perhaps; our minds will decline
but our soul will remain, as we continue the trip.
The lessons we’ll learn to pass down through the years,
and smiles we’ll bring to a young one’s face.

Our journey may be long or shorter than we expect,
but as long as we travel it safely and reach the end,
we’ve accomplished much.
Travel Safe on Your Life’s Path.

Winger Earth


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