Everyone Needs A Rainbow of Colour In Their Lives.

Colours are an integral part of life, they’re everywhere. Our world is filled with an abundance of natural colour; from the ever changing blue of the sky to the green of mother earth’s foliage, literally every colour of the rainbow is displayed, and then some.

Flowers bloom in almost every shade, birds have exotic plumage, and we, as humans gravitate to certain items of clothing because of its colouring, but we don’t actually stop to think, how these bright hues or pastel colours might be assisting us in our lives.

Something as simple as the colour of your nail polish or the pattern of your tie can have impact on your day-to-day life, and to help you make informed selections, with regards to your clothing, home environment and the moods of other people, I’ve listed our most-used colours, defining their natural qualities, both positive and negative.

Rainbow Earth

Red – Energy, danger, strength, power, passion and desire, strong love, anger, violence, immense confidence and courage – Wear red if you wish to convey any of these qualities, but be aware that it’s a colour that magnifies strong emotions, so you can anger others, or increase your own irritability when you use it in large amounts.

Orange Signifies a creative or adventurous person, also success, fire, aggression, generosity, brightness, cheerfulness, optimism, it’s a social colour, and it can increase the appetite so be careful if you’re conscious of your weight. Orange is not a popular or widely worn colour, yet it can be extremely helpful.

Yellow – Considering this is such a joyful, happy colour, it’s frequently dismissed due to its connection to cowardice. Yet it also imbues, high self-esteem, happiness, curiosity, heightened intelligence, and yellow likes an enigma and a prank. It also can denote criticism and impatience

Green – The colour of money, prosperity, fertility, rebirth, nature, envy, balance, compassion, honesty, it’s judgemental, over-cautious, and it’s a very helpful colour should you wish to invoke change.

Blue – A colour of healing, and peaceful tranquillity, great for speaking clearly, but it also denotes coldness and frigidity. It can be conservative and unemotional. If you wish to be seen as a dedicated, and talented hard-worker use this colour but, be conscious not to be critical of others, as blue may bring out this trait.

Indigo – The shade of magic, and mystery and psychic abilities like intuition, clairvoyance and far-seeing vision. One of the colours of wisdom, integrity and sincerity, but watch a tendency to inflexibility and a liking for the dramatic if using Indigo on a regular basis. Also, be sensitive to the fact that, it can illustrate any addictive behaviour.

Violet/Purple – The colour of spirituality and enlightenment, worn by seekers and royalty, also by those who like to consider themselves noble or imaginative, it can also bring about impatience or inspiration, depending on the situation and the mood of the wearer, or user. People, who have a preference for this colour, may be idealistic but can become depressed if their ideas are not met.

Follow that Rainbow

White – A combination of all colours, the colour of spirit & balance, unity, innocence, purity, clarity, the universe, truth, honesty, new beginnings, detachment, completion, and protection. It’s also cold, isolating, clinical and sterile. As white can also amplify other colours, use it when you wish to make a statement, or if you’re wearing too much of a dominant colour (i.e. red) and wish to temper its effect.

Black – Black is the absence of colour and has always had connotations of evil and death, but it’s also very protective, especially against negativity. It signifies; power, the unknown, mystery, the night, dignity, affluence, intimidation, being unapproachable, secrets. Wear black if you want to conceal yourself, or stay in the background.

Pink – Known for love and romance, as well as warmth, tenderness, innocence, nurturing and immaturity, it seeks admiration but has a lack of will-power. Wear pink when you wish to convey an accepting heart, but be conscious of the fact; if worn too long this colour can increase irritability both in yourself and others.

Turquoise – Protection, serenity, clear thinking, it’s decisive, invigorating and yet it can also be non-emotional and self-centred. Use turquoise in your life, when you wish to give the impression of calmness, and composure, together with a sense of being unruffled.

Brown – Practical, earthy, has strength and nobility, also stability, invisibility, it’s dull, boring, and the realist. If you wish to remain in the background and give others centre stage this is the colour to don. It also gives the impression of a devoted worker but watch for a tendency to criticism.

Grey – Shows neutrality, solidity, grief, invisibility, it’s detached, dull, indecisive, formal, conveys sadness, loneliness, isolation, and it’s stand-offish. Depending on the shade, it can be a very conservative and yet it’s a sophisticated hue to wear, and if you have an important meeting to attend, use grey to show elegance.

Gold – Embodies wealth, wisdom, good health, it’s related to the sun, extravagance, value, higher ideals, enlightenment, avarice, it can be said to lack kindness. Gold is the colour of the winner. Accessorise with it, to show you’ve succeeded or met your goals. If women paint their toenails with gold polish it’s said to increase personal wealth.

Silver – It’s related to the moon and represents our emotions, it’s calm and purifying, it gives clarity and illumination and is very sophisticated, and it’ll reflect energy back to its originator (an ideal colour to use on the exterior of your protection bubble). It’s also unbiased, a moderator, and believes in justice. If you feel a need to be more light-hearted, use silver in some form.

The Solar System




9 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Rainbow of Colour In Their Lives.

  1. I love, LOVE this post Julie!
    Not only do I think the meanings of these rainbow colours informative; they are very interesting too! Although I favour purple; wearing yellow and/or pink makes me happy!

    Viv X X

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