The Flu, A Stolen Phone & A Bump On The Head,

Due to a horrendous week, in which my everlasting head cold, turned into the flu, some lovely person stole my mobile phone, and I almost knocked myself out – yes I did walk into a door, or rather it walked into me –  I’ve not been very prolific this week, so I am just uploading some pretty flowers, from the garden.

Yellow Rose 8


White Rose

Bird of Paradise 5





14 thoughts on “The Flu, A Stolen Phone & A Bump On The Head,

  1. Julie ! Oh no ! I hope you are getting over the flu, the door knocking and the loss of your phone. As you say, “What a week !” Hugs. ❤

    • Thank you Ralph. It was indeed an interesting time in my life. To make you laugh, I always bump; the left side of my head – a past life things maybe, or just clumsiness? ❤

      • I’m so happy to hear that. Perhaps there was something you “lost” that you needed to unburden? Sometimes these things work to balance us out or cause us to notice things. Be well soon. x

      • I totally agree with what you’re saying, there are some changing that I need to make, but I’ve been dilly-dallying and spirit were just gently knocking on the door, in reminder. Thank you for the best wishes. Take care sweets ❤

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