The Akashic Records. Everything that was, that is, and will be.

Talk to an Egyptologist, or a historian who studies ancient civilisations, and they’ll be able to wax lyrical about the Royal Library of Alexandria. Talk to a true spiritualist, especially one from the old school, and you’ll discover they’ll happily chat about the Akashic Records. And, whilst; our perceived view of the Akashic records, can be individual to each person, it is generally seen as a collection of books; that holds the annals of our lives. It stores every event, every action, every thought, every judgement dispensed, including our behaviours, good & bad. Our karmic retribution – if that’s the right word – can also be found there.

There is not a moment of our lives, past, present or, future, that is not already written in these momentous writings. In short, it’s……..US!

Many, many moons ago (too many to count), when I was still a novice, I was lucky enough be guided by several trance mediums, either as a long-term student, or as an invited guest, and during these events, I experienced the channelling of some great spiritual teachers, who frequently discussed their visits to the ‘Records’ and…….during meditation, I, myself, have entered this unbelievable; library of life.

I remember being stood in; what looked like; an immense room that seemed to stretch to eternity, and back. There were stacks – as in library stacks – of ancient leather-bound books. If I looked upwards, I could not see the top shelf, just numerous, rows of books, they had that old paper smell, full of dust, and tanned hide. Their bindings were etched in Cyrillic-like script, don’t ask me how I knew it was Cyrillic, I just did, even though I couldn’t translate it.

I hadn’t entered the hall through a door, I’d just arrived at a certain spot, and as I touched a book, shelved at eye-level, to my left, the script; wavered & shimmered and my own name appeared, but I dithered about removing it from its place. Did I really want to know what’s ahead of me?

Surely, part of our learning path is the adventures, and challenges we face?

Would reading my ‘own’ life story, affect events, and would I be over-stepping, to want more answers?

Just because, I have inherent abilities, gifted from Spirit; does it allow me more rights than anyone else?

Did I peek? Heck, Yes!

Does it make me any wiser? Uh, no!

It just left me more confused, straddling a tightrope between two worlds, with one foot in the spiritual realm, the other on earth. Eternally judging myself, and my behaviour; knowing I’m Spirit walking the world, as opposed to a human; experiencing life.

So, whilst the answers are all out there, maybe we’re not really supposed to know them?

If you want to learn more about The Akashic Records, check out the following site.



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