FRANKINCENSE…release nightmares

After my last post, I thought this was very apt 😀


incense-sticks-artistic-wallpaper-1920x1200-3670calm a rhythm unsettled in the mind
nightmares gone unraveled untwined

soothe my sleep ✴ rest my dreams
in ones own mind ✴ not what it seems

keep my sleep til days break of light
stay besides me through out the night

nightmares ascend within this smoke
bright new dreams by the time I woke

Burn Frankincense Incense in your bedroom or the bedroom of the one who you are helping to rid one of bothering bad dreams

Dispel all maleficent forces and prevent nightmares

Recite the rhyme above 3x out loud and drift off to sleep with this calming rhyme in mind as you continue to recite it in your head

With the scent of Frankincense ascending through the bedroom

Breath it in deeply ✴ Eyes closed

Relaxed ✴ Comfortable ✴ Indulge

Let it then settle into your heart

Let it then release your nightmares

Do this…

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