Penguins & Foxes – Dream Messages from Spirit Perhaps?

Whenever I’m experiencing issues in my life, or if I’m under stress, my dreams become more prominent, but lately they’ve been a little weirder than usual, and I can only put it down to; spirit communication. After all, when was the last time you dreamt about penguins infiltrating a cafe?

Penguin Chef

Now don’t get me wrong, my penguins weren’t actually working in the cafe, although they may have been dressed in the customary ‘black & white’, but they were a definite presence.  Not only did a young one sit on my feet, perhaps he was imprinting, I’m not sure, but another, and a quite big fellow – I remember thinking he was an emperor – cuddled up to my back and clung on for all he was worth.

They were beautiful birds, but even in my dream state, I felt very perplexed about the whole thing, and to top it off, the evening before; foxes paraded through my nighttime visions. No, they weren’t at the local supermarket or anything like that. They were, actually in a field, I recall a vixen, with a couple of pups. I can still see the soft sheen of their red fur.

As some of you may be aware, I love all animals, big, small, crawling or flying, you name it, I love them, but still……….both these visits were a little unexpected, so I decided to look at the symbolism behind them, in case, someone was trying to knock on my door, and I wasn’t listening.

Penguin Angel

I discovered that penguin is a sign of……

  • Patience and endurance.
  • Order within chaos.
  • Renewal & evolution.
  • Astral projection & waking (lucid) dreams.
  • Being close to a breakthrough.
  • Being burdened with negativity, when dreaming of penguins.
  • Connection to the spiritual realm, & having intuitive insight.
  • The capability to solve your problems.
  • Father figure – perhaps this is where the emperor came in, as the emperor tarot card generally relates to an older man.


The fox is a symbol of….

  • Cunning & stealth.
  • Caring about, & for others.
  • Intelligence & loyalty.
  • Wisdom & observational skills.
  • Determination & intensity, when aiming for a goal.
  • Solving problems with cleverness & persistence, to reach a solution.
  • The capability to reverse any situation.
  • Shapeshifting, invisibility & adaptability.
  • View you situation as it actually is, not as you perceive it to be.
  • Someone in your life may be sly & sneaky, and you may need to conceal your thoughts (this is especially true when dreaming about foxes).

I’ll keep you apprised when I get another visitor, who knows; it might be a pterodactyl in a tutu.



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