Animal Intelligence, or; Monkey-see, Monkey-do?

Animals never cease to amaze me, and this morning an event occurred that made me wonder, not only about their intelligence but also their; group mentality, or consciousness if you will.

I was on my way to the gym, a trip I make, 4 times a week, always via the same route, which takes me across a small patch of grass, traversed by a path, and holding several large trees, that are always full of Ravens – this mini-park is approximately a half-a-mile from my home.

Whilst walking down the path today, I saw ahead of me, at about Solar Plexus height, a bird, flying directly towards me at breakneck speed, in fact, when I first noticed it, I comically visualised, this creature slamming into my body, impaling me on its beak………..imagine my surprise, when this beautiful bird, that turned out to be a magpie, gracefully landed at my feet, and started chattering away like we were old friends.

Now, as some of you may be aware, I live near a lake and frequently feed the local bird-life, but I didn’t have any food on hand, which I proceeded to tell ‘the bird’ much to the delight of passers-by.

This experience made me wonder, was the bird; a youngster from my usual flock, who’d grown and gone to seek out his own territory, thereby confirming that wild creatures do remember those who treat them kindly, or had he received the information that I was a soft-touch, via some avian version of cosmic consciousness?

The Cosmos

Cosmic consciousness (the interconnectedness of life) is well known when referring to humans but have we really considered it in relation to animals, or nature, and yet many theories abound, in fact, most new-agers are aware of an ‘Urban Legend’ whereby; a monkey on an island digs up a potato but doesn’t want to eat it covered in dirt. So the monkey decides to wash her potato (yes, it’s a she, of course!) in the ocean, and over a period of time; other monkeys in her group, start to wash their potatoes too. This is then followed by monkeys on neighbouring islands also washing their food to clean it……this type of group behavioural change, is ‘sometimes’ referred to, as The Hundredth Monkey Effect.

Monkey Earth

A similar process is; Morphic Resonance whereby it’s suggested that memories are inherited biologically, within a species, even from previous members of the collective group.

And, if you consider The Butterfly Effect (a principle of chaos theory) whereby; a butterfly flapping its wings causes a hurricane thousands of miles away, we shouldn’t really; let nature, or the animal world surprise us, because; to quote Hamlet “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. 

I personally am a great believer in cosmic consciousness, and when thinking about religion, I prefer to follow a path that crosses both spiritual and pantheistic belief.

(Pantheism is; the belief that everything is part of a divine whole and is interconnected, including spirit, or……God, is you prefer)

Cosmic Consciousness

If you’re interested in Chaos Theory or Morphic resonance, take a look at the following links, for easily understandable definitions.


8 thoughts on “Animal Intelligence, or; Monkey-see, Monkey-do?

  1. What a lovely story Julie. Maybe he saw something twinkling on you that he just had to have, or he has been treated well by other humans in their gardens, or he just liked you. Have a lovely week. 😀 ❤

    • He certainly was keen. Lately, creatures of all kinds are showing up in my life…last night, I dreamt I was bitten by a snake on both arms, and had to trot off to the hospital, only to be woken ‘very early’ by my nephew, asking that I call an ambulance for his sister, who was become unwell overnight. Strange, how spirit works isn’t it? 😀

  2. I think we’ve swapped climates, as it’s freezing here at the moment. it was below ‘0’ the other night in Perth, so for anyone who thinks the grass is always greener – it’s not always hot in Australia ,<3 xox

  3. Hi Julie…Love this post…Cosmic consciousness—Chaos Theory—Morphic Resonance—Pantheism…Yes! Precious life—walk-crawl-fly-swim—on this world twirl—are spirits—too—donchaknow. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and writing—with all of us! Phil

    • Thank you Philip. I love all creatures, no matter their shape, size or look. When I do my own nightly spiritual protection, I ensure I include ‘all’ life, and ask that Spirit heal, protect & comfort, whether it’s an animal that; walks, flies, crawls, or swims, as you say. Every life has a soul, and is deserving of a wonderful pain-free life.
      Travel safe on your life’s path 🙂

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