The Universal Law Of Responsiblity

I’m reblogging this post, because I suddenly realised that there is a lot in my life that I’m not taking responsibility for, and that I am allowing other; less-important circumstances to have priority 😦

There are things, that I need to do, or things that I have promised to do, but; I’ve allowed days to pass, or spent time on ‘things’ that are irrelevant, so….. To everyone, that I may have let down, or not contacted, not listened to, or not fulfilled a promise to….I apologise unreservedly, and hopefully; from this second forward, I’ll be a better person 🙂

Crone Confidence

Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong with me.


It amazes me how many people I know who don’t get this simple concept. Life really is all about you.

Our choices and our reactions to circumstances create the climate of our existence. It is simply a case of cause and effect.

For months now, there has been a seemingly healthy, young man who daily, sits across the street from where I work with a cup out in front of him and begs for money. The first couple of times I saw him there, I helped him out with a fiver or whatever change I had. It was obvious that he was embarrassed to be begging and I felt for his plight.

After seeing him repeatedly begging I asked him what his story was. He told me that he had worked at the local newspaper as a printer but the paper laid…

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