Two Fluffy Distractions

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

I awoke this morning, with the idea, that I would get a lot of work done online, only to find myself obstructed at every turn, by two little terrors……they’ve crawled over me, sat on my laptop whilst I’ve been typing, chased innocent birds around the garden, one even ‘possibly’ faked an injured paw, which miraculously got better, when the word walk was uttered.

I’ve experienced; someone attempting to clamber up my back, whilst I was playing vet nurse to her sister.

One little thief tried to take the food from my plate, after insistent begging was ignored.

I’ve been kissed with sloppy tongues, had an excel spreadsheet acquire the word ’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssss’ when a hairy foot stood on my keyboard – it could’ve been worse I guess?

It’s been an interesting day to say the least, and I laughed through most of it, whilst; cuddling and cosseting these two little cuties. I only hope, you’ve all enjoyed your day as much.

Bella & Peppa

Bella & Peppa


26 thoughts on “Two Fluffy Distractions

    • Believe me, they love to get into trouble, & they love attention every second you’re with them. They belong to my sister, but I’m kind’ve their foster-mummy. I walk them frequently, and do a lot of cuddling 😀 xox

  1. How cute and I’m laughing about the typo….maybe they meant to say ask….ask me what I want…biscuits, playtime and bellyrubs if they’re anything like my two😊 smiling, Kim. have an amazing day.

      • I’m a fan of rescue….every one I’ve had was rescued from somewhere…I think they rescued me in a way…they drive me insane but love unconditionally too….and those eyes….those big brown eyes…get ha every time😊

      • It’s my plan to foster dogs in a few years time. I’d love one of my own too, but I can see me walking out of the shelter, with ‘all’ of them tucked under my arm. Lol 😀

      • Me too, have two right now…they’re a handful and keep me hopping but there’s nothing better than seeing those happy brown eyes when I come home after a horrendous day, they make me smile…and the cat too of course😊🐕🐈

      • Pretty much….except she showed up and chose us…now she’s the best buddy of the dogs….when she’s not lunging at them in play with claws extended😊

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