Find Your Own ‘Unicorn’ and; Rediscover the Magic In Life.

Many, many years ago, my parents; gifted me with silver Unicorn pendant that they had hand-crafted especially for me, and I frequently wear this beautiful creature around my neck, together with a silver medallion, etched with a wolf howling at the moon…..these two magical beings are my primary totems. They stand on either side of me in spirit……and when I started on the spiritual path, a friend gave me 2 ceramic Unicorns, one black & one white, that she had kiln-fired herself. They were a wonderful gift and are incredibly beautiful.

There are times in life, when things; don’t always go as planned, when the road seems rocky, and challenges abound, at times like this my Unicorn and its icons remind me, “No matter how difficult life can get, if we look hard enough, we’ll find a little bit of magic somewhere”.

The world around us, in all its glory, is a beautiful place and we have friends and family that are; always in our corner, no matter what, and we’re lucky enough to experience; rainbows after the rain, flowers that bloom in bright colours, amazing animals that roam, and the beauty of a winter’s day, but; if these aren’t things that you consider magical, find something that does touch your heart…..I found; Unicorn.

Unicorns may be a mythical creature, yet in pagan religions, it’s classed as a divine being that belongs to the moon goddess. Its horn, sometimes said; to be twisted with precious metal, is not only healing but also, purifying, and as legend dictates; only those with a pure, and honest heart, are able to tame Unicorn  It’s a creature that features in everything from; the bible (Deuteronomy  33.17) to fairy tales (The Last Unicorn), from famous tapestries (The Hunt Of The Unicorn) to, heraldic shields (royal coat-of-arms of the United Kingdom) so whether you believe in them or not, both they and magic, are firmly entrenched in our history.

“No matter how difficult life can get, it


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