The power of compliments ….Why one must never under estimate the positive effect of complimenting people.

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If there is one thing I would never get tired of, is  complimenting people. This is often overlooked at work and people do not realize how important it can be for someone.  I wouldn’t mind skipping lunch if someone gave me a compliment at work.

I worked for an organization which was toxic – too much blame game, put downs, belittling staff. It was no surprise then that employer had a high attrition rate and nobody cared.

Another client I worked for though had a totally different work culture – they had a concept of gifting a ‘Thank You’ card for even little work that people would do to help someone else get his/her job done. Many staff members would show off their collection of ‘thank you’ cards to everyone. It was fun and great way to motivate staff.

One of my ex-boss did not have a clue to praise…

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4 thoughts on “The power of compliments ….Why one must never under estimate the positive effect of complimenting people.

  1. Hello cutie honey. I suppose you’re fast asleep by now but I wanted to say, I appreciate this article very much. The positive aspects describe my work environment perfectly. We exchange sweet treats, cups of tea, “love letters” on special stationery, stationery. Anything to show our appreciation for colleagues. I think a lot of grownups are so accustomed to a rather negative appraisal of themselves from others that they don’t believe compliments when they are received. I believe we should spread this wonderful principle all over the world. x

    • Fast asleep! That’s blasphemy, well; it’s probably not, because, just between you & me, I have an intimate relationship with my jammies. Lol 😀
      It sounds like you work with an incredible group of people, treasure them, When in London, I worked in a similar environment and think about the people there often. Fortunately, I’m still in touch with them via Facebook ❤

  2. I fully agree. It’s a skill to give a compliment and another skill to receive one. So many people, especially women, downgrade themselves as soon as they are complimented with comments that belittle their achievement, even if it’s just a nice dress or hairdo. Let’s be as shameless about giving compliments as well as receiving them – with a sense of pride and glee, just like kids.

    • Unfortunately, it’s an ingrained habit that’s hard to break in some people, but imagine, if we all regressed and behaved like little kiddies again, wouldn’t the world be wonderful? 🙂

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