Another Kind Soul Lost To Us.

A few days ago, I received a very distressing email, in relation to a wonderful woman called Carolyn Lazarus, who I’d only known via email communication whilst discussing some guest posts, I was writing for a site she co-founded called Totally For Women.  We’d only corresponded 3 or 4 times, but I found her to be; kind, compassionate, very likeable, and a great believer in the strength & capacity of women.

I’d only spoken to Carolyn late January, via email, but then lost touch, primarily due to life’s twists & turns. So imagine my dismay to discover, very recently, that this lovely lady had been diagnosed with cancer in February, and sadly passed away in May.

Since, I received this terrible news, it’s made me realise that we must try to; maintain our contact with our network of friends and acquaintances because we never know what is happening in their lives. Also, we have to really live each and every day, because; this life we’re living can be very short, at times.   And whilst; I’m firm believer in Spirit, and I know Carolyn will always walk beside her loved ones, I would like to take a moment to wish them love & blessings during this heartbreaking time, and express my gratitude, that Carolyn was a part of my life, even for such a short period of time……….She was truly a lady, who; had a loving soul, gave her time willingly and really “Paid It Forward”.

Live each day; consciously and joyfully, because you never know when Spirit may call you back home.


5 thoughts on “Another Kind Soul Lost To Us.

    • Thank you for the kind thoughts. She wasn’t someone I knew well because we’d only corresponded via email a few times, but she had such a fantastic soul, and really only wanted the best for women. Do have a look at the site she founded, there are some wonderful articles and some lovely contributors there. 🙂 ❤

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