My Thursday Morning.

8 am – Walking on my own legs.


8.15 am – Learning to fly, after tripping over a bedspread. I wasn’t so elegant, though.

Flying Woman

9 am – A quick hello to my doctor, who asked “Is your nose straight?”  My reply “Huh?”


10 am – A quick lie-down whilst a very nice person plays with my knee.


11 am – Feeling sorry for myself, but, fortunately; I have confirmation, no broken patella (we think), and advice to check on my straight nose for the next week, in case, it ends up; not-so-straight – it hit the dressing table during my, 0.05 point score landing. My knee only smashed against the floor.

All sympathy very welcome!

On Couch


15 thoughts on “My Thursday Morning.

  1. I’m so sorry. I hope you’re feeling better, Julie. That’s going to take a while to sort out, I’m sure, but I’m glad you have your knee. You’ll need it to climb in my boat. Ha ha ha x

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