Remember The People That Matter.

I’ve not been able to post for the last few days, and I’ve only got time for a quickie now – so to speak – as I’ve been spending a lot time, sat in the waiting room, of Perth’s primary public hospital, in fact; that’s where I’m typing this.

There I was; lying comfortably, in the land-of-nod, at 7.15am on Sunday morning, when I heard a feeble voice call out my name, believing it to be a dream; I ignored it. Only to hear “Julie Julie” being called out again.

Rushing up the hallway, I discover my mother in extreme pain clutching her lower leg and to cut a long story short, after an ambulance ride which my 9-year-old niece envies – she told me, she wants to ride shotgun next time – my siblings and I spent the day waiting; whilst my mother had 2 blood clots removed from her right leg… quite large, from what I can understand.

Five days later, my mother’s doctors are still trying to discover where the clots originated, and why they formed, which is why, she’s currently undergoing an endoscopic-like procedure, whereby they insert a probe to look at the heart. And, as my siblings are predominantly nine-to-fivers, I’m sat here alone, trying to keep busy, whilst the hospital bustles around me.

This wasn’t mum’s original choice of hospital, she wanted to go private, but the paramedics; take patients to whichever is closest, which Royal Perth Hospital was, and I must say; they’ve been brilliant. The nurses are cheerful, and helpful, the doctors; willing to explain what’s happening, the physiotherapists push when necessary, and as it’s the home of; West Australia’s major ‘adult’ trauma centre, emergency helicopters land, literally, just outside my mother’s window. I’ve witnessed them land, about 4 times, over the last few days, not at night unfortunately, but that did happened last evening, from what I can understand.

Where I’m leading with all this, is……..remember to thank the people; that do the jobs, you may not want to, for very little recompense, at all hours of the day or night, because you may need them one day. And, no matter how busy you become, don’t forget to spend time with your parents. Fortunately, I still have my mother, but sadly, I lost my father 6 years ago, and there’s still a lot I would love to say to him, or do with him, but can’t.

Helicopter 3

Helicopter 4

Helicopter 2



20 thoughts on “Remember The People That Matter.

  1. Sounds like your mom is in good hands. My friend in Perth is a doctor in ER as well but not sure which hospital she’s at. Hope you are well and I wanted to thank you for sharing the Kindness Blog with us. They’ve just featured my post on Friendship 🙂 have a great day! Dx

  2. Hi Julie 😀 I do hope that the doctors have fixed your mum and that you’ll all be back home soon. It’s no fun being in pain, so I do hope she is free of it now. Love the photos. Take care my friend. ❤

    • Thank you, Ralph, in fact, I’m considering an additional post on this, because whilst the hospital treated mum well, they virtually gave her the bum’s rush yesterday, when they ‘unexpectedly’ discharged her, only a few hours after an invasive procedure, on top of her operation……I think she should have remained in the hospital, but they obviously needed the bed desperately.

      I’ve had; the at-home nurse here this morning, and mum’s having a physio assessment now, then she has to go see her GP this afternoon……so, I’m going to a bit busy for a wee while, I think! xox ❤

  3. Hope all is well–having worked as a nurse in home care and hospice, I know how taking it is to be a caregiver…and this was brought home to me this year after my husband had major surgery and I had to dust off my nursing skills again. Take care of yourself!

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