We’re Allowed Do-Overs.

For the last couple of years, my life has literally been in limbo, or in a state of stasis, not only due to on-going parental health issues but also because of hold-ups with my regular day-to-day working situation.

To explain more, for ‘several’ months I’ve been going through a recruitment assessment process with the Australian public service, which recently completed -successfully I might add, – only; for a further delay to be instigated, meaning – I’ve not moved any further forward.

These events together with other delaying situations have made me step back and question my life, and it’s mitigating factors. Not only those caused by external forces, but also any steps I’ve; either taken, or not taken, and how they’ve impacted my growth.

Several questions arose.  Some of which you may like to ask yourself?

  • Am I where I expected to be, at this time of life?
  • Am I as financially, emotionally & spiritually successful as I would like?
  • Have I allowed outside forces (including individuals) to have power over my life? This includes their viewpoint, or should I say opinion.
  • Do I find it easy to be derailed from my path, or life-goals?
  • Have I contributed to my own seeming lack of motivation?
  • Have I allowed my own inner laziness to take hold? (I’ll admit, I can be lazy, but can’t we all at times?)
  • Do I regularly make excuses for the lack of progress in my life? Or….
  • Do I subconsciously – perhaps deliberately – look for reasons and excuses, not to progress?
  • Why do I allow distractions and interruptions to take precedence?
  • Have I become too comfortable with my life?
  • Where did my inner risk-taker go?
  • Am I frightened of; what achieving my dreams may mean?
  • Does the thought of being; successful and happy intimidate me?
  • And my own personal; favourite – Am I; my own worst enemy?

 As you can imagine, some of my answers brought up issues I’d rather not face, but rather than feel guilty, I’ve just decided, and it’s something I’m going to tell you all…..

It’s Never Too Late, To Start Over.

The good thing about life is; we’re allowed ‘do-overs’. There is no right or wrong way to live your life because it’s exactly that…..Your Life!

‘You’ set the rules!

Bear in mind, I don’t mean “Go out & rob a bank”. Naturally, there are strictures to abide by in society. Can you imagine telling the Judge “Julie, said there are no rules”. I don’t think that’ll work somehow, but I do mean…….

Within the parameters of your ‘own’ life; there really is no set-in-stone guidebook you have to follow. We just make it up as we go along, so…

Live Your Life Your Way, And……Don’t Apologise For It.

It’s Your Life, And ‘You’ Make The Rules.So Live Your Life





8 thoughts on “We’re Allowed Do-Overs.

  1. Nice to read you again!
    These are brave and challenging questions (most people would avoid asking themselves me thinks 😉 )
    You are right, when things are not going how we wish or think we deserve and we can either look outwards and blame others and circumstances or we can take a deep look inside, where the problems really lies.
    The former is the one which will keep you safely inside your comfort zone, the latter will be uncomfortable but bring out your true potential. Our choice 🙂
    and thanks for that Julie line, will def use it!!

    • Thank you again, for such great comments, and you’re right; it is hard to step outside our comfort zone, but does it make us lazy, fearful, or smart?? I’ve yet to decide. I can always rely on you, to say something deep and compassionate…you have a lovely kind soul. I’m glad we connected. Stay safe. Jxx

      • me too, Julie. You were one of the first people I met on WP and I thought if only half of them are only half as lovely and thoughtful as you, this is going to be fun! 🙂 ❤

      • I miss London, hoping to visit around the end of the year to get a dose of ‘English wintery weather’. I’m hoping to tidy up my emails, they see to reproduce every time I turn my back. I’d also love to get some reading in, but we’ll see. Take Care xx

      • would be nice to meet you in London, let me know if you do come!!
        I know, my emails have exactly the same incredible growth-rate, I wish my bank account would do that instead 😉
        These days all I’m reading is blogs, there’s hardly time for anything else!
        have a good one dear,

      • Definitely will have to do a London catch-up. I tell you what: Bank managers have a lot to answer for. Happy Easter sweetie! xx

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