I’ve spent quite a bit of time mulling over what I wanted to say on my ‘About’ page and could never really come to a definitive decision. I wanted to ensure that I included what I consider to be relevant information, whilst also retaining some mystery, or perhaps I mean anonymity. Although, how one can do that and still have a flourishing blog, together with a (hoped for) successful writing career is still a puzzle to me. If you know the answer, feel free to let me know.

After a fairly long dawdling period I came to the conclusion, that I would ‘borrow’ an idea from a fellow blogger (with permission, of course) and do a little Q & A about myself. Then maybe, it won’t be too boring for you, or too revealing for me, so here goes……

Where do I currently reside? – Perth, Western Australia but I spent several years living in London. I was originally born in the UK, my family emigrated to Australia, and I’ve frequently travelled back and forth.

Where would I prefer to live? – Give me at least 6 months living in Canada preferably Vancouver and I will be a very happy bunny. I do miss London drastically, though.

How long have I had psychic abilities, and how did they appear? – Very unexpectedly 33 years ago, certainly unasked for. There I was; going along minding my own business, and next thing I know I’m (a) psychic…..there’ll be more on this subject in a future post

What type of inherent talents do I have? – Clairvoyance, mediumistic and psychometric abilities, clairaudience, clairsentience and some claircognizance. I’m also a qualified past-life healer and I’m trained in soul retrieval.

What else have I tried, or studied? – Tarot cards, spirit rescue work, crystal therapy, colour therapy, runes, ribbon, sand and flower reading, Chakra Meditation, and I have also attempted direct voice and sat in several séances.

Have I had any frightening experiences? – Yes, approximately 5 of them, and 2 were very scary but as it’s over the life of my abilities, it’s not a bad ratio.

What interesting events have occurred because of my abilities? – I was very fortunate to be allowed to test my psychometric skills at the British Museum. I was given access to their Roman Coins & Egyptian artefact collections……a truly amazing experience. I was also interviewed for a UK magazine, which really increased my client base at the time.

Am I working psychically at the moment? – Not professionally as I’m having a sabbatical, and changing direction. Privately, yes the abilities are still there.

What’s the next stage for me within the paranormal field? – I would love to write for children about the paranormal.

Am I religious? – No, I follow my own philosophy, part spiritual, part pantheist and part Wiccan, but I totally believe in everyone’s unalienable right to their own beliefs.

What orthodox jobs have I held in the past? – Credit Manager, Software tester, Debt Recovery, Assistant New Business Manager at Harrods (yes, that one) and not forgetting banking.

What have I written so far? – I have self-published 3 spiritually based, self-help ebooks, and currently have signed a publishing option agreement with Blue Mountain Arts. I have 3 novels in the process, one being a children’s book, and I am also looking at  non-fiction for children.  In my orthodox life, I’ve created a manual letter suite, (credit- based) for a previous employer.

What would I like to write? – Fiction, Non-fiction, fo children, How-to’s and general articles. There’s not really an ultimate list.

What do I read? – I even like non-fiction but if I want to lose myself, romantic thrillers.

Do I have any food preferences? – I am a lacto-ova vegetarian and have been for about 30 years. I like my animals on-the-hoof or the wing etc….It crosses my mind often, to give up eggs as I really hate how ‘wiggly’ the white albumin can get when not fully cooked.

What pets would I love to have? – Dogs, for definite, but also a lizard, and maybe an Axolotl, or a bunny, or a chinchilla, or a rat/mouse, you name it I’d like it.

 What do I dislike? – Unnecessary rudeness, dishonesty and most green vegetables, great vegetarian huh?

What hobbies do I have? – Reading (naturally), animals (all of them), music (classic Motown, soul, R & B, northern soul etc…), learning new things, walking in green places near water and finally, the gym.

I think that’s about it for me, I’ve given you an insight into who I am without divulging all and sundry.

Big Ben from Westminster Bridge

Big Ben from Westminster Bridge


40 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Julie, thank you so much for coming over to my blog and for the follow, also for your very insightful and supportive comment. I really appreciate it 😉
    We have had so many animals, the usual cats, dogs, hamsters and fish as well as lizards, a fire-bellied toad and now my daughter has a corn snake called Charlie so you would love our house 😉
    When we lived in California we visited Vancouver where a friend (fellow Brit!) of mine lives and I agree, it is a most beautiful place. I would love to go again one-day, sigh…..
    Glad you like London though, I love London, never tire of it!
    I wish you every success in your writing endeavours/dreams and it is lovely to meet you –
    Sherri 🙂

    • Hi Sherri, I only call it as I see it, and you and your daughter deserve kudos for all you’re managing.
      I’d love to have a snake but my mother would have conniptions and never speak to me again, she really doesn’t like them.
      And in relation to Vancouver, something about it just touched my heart when I was there, and don’t get me started on London, but to make you laugh I miss Tescos & Sainburys the most, the food in Perth just isn’t as good.
      Thank you for the kind wishes, you know they’re returned.
      Keep living the dream, Julie x

      • So far as the snake, my daughter had to work on me for YEARS as I don’t like them either but she keeps it safely hidden away in a vivarium in her room so I’m just about ok with it now…so long as he never escapes!!

        Thank you again Julie and I would say the very same to you 🙂 xx

    • Melissa, I was more than happy to pass on your article to others, as we ‘all’ see the sparkles on ocassion and yet never give them credence. And, I’m so pleased that you commented on my ‘About’ page because I discovered that my photo had disappered, so thank you. Travel safe on your journey, 🙂

  2. Hi Julie 😀
    Thank you for your visit and our little chat. I quite enjoyed it.
    Wow ! You have quite a CV (I don’t mean Clairvoyance, the other one ! And Clairvoyance as well ! 😀 )
    May I wish you well, happiness and prosperity.
    Ralph ❤

    • Thank you!. I feel for you, I worked in retail, many years ago, in the UK, so have done the; ‘over Christmas’ stints…..it can be a pain. I’ll be thinking of you.
      Travel safe on your life’s path 🙂

    • Thank you! That was a really kind comment, some days you just need a nice word from someone, and it makes you smile……….you made me smile today.
      Travel safe on your path won’t you? 😀

  3. H Julie;

    I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out with something. Recently, you commented on my post, “How to Know You’re Enough!” …on my blog, begintobelieve.com.

    It really seemed to resonate with a lot of women; I guess we can all relate to the overwhelming-ness of being female in todays’ society.

    Anyway,because this post resonated with so many, I’ve decide to write an ebook entitled “How to Know You’re Enough!” – The Manual- The Female Edition.
    It will be a comprehensive, funny and honest list of everything we do, every day, for everyone, more or less!

    Would you be interested in making your list of everything you do, every day, for everyone, more or less, to possibly be included in the book? And If I use any “unique” items on your list, I will include your name as a contributor to the book!

    Your list can be anything you consistently do for anyone or anything that takes you time, mind and effort…things you do consciously or unconsciously, quietly or out loud!

    So if you’re interested and have questions, you can contact me at rdavis4848@gmail.com or you can just send over your list to the same email address along with your full name and email anytime prior to July 1st.

    And if you know any other wonderful females that might like to be a part of this project please feel free to pass it along!

    I know you have a lot on your list, so I really appreciate you taking the time.

    Thanks so much for considering it!

    Robin Oxford-Davis-

  4. Julie, if you are interested in doing a guest blog to discuss freelance writing and the wonders of Perth (which we all remember from the Mel Gibson movie Gallipoli) and an interview, let me know. I’m sure our mutual readers would love to know more about you and your books and psychic abilities! Thanks for supporting my blog!


    • Dan, Thank you for the kind offer, can I get back to you in a day or so for some more details….I’m in the middle of some bureaucratic red tape at the moment, as I’m applying for Australian citizenship, and I’m trying to get all the paperwork together, that they require, plus Mercury Retrograde ends on Fri/Sat (thank goodness!) so things will calm down a little then :-D. You’re more than welcome, re the visits, and thank you too. Talk to you soon. Julie 🙂

  5. Julie, thank you so much for your visit and your kind words on my blog! I used to think that darkness fascinated me but I’ve come to find that it isn’t necessarily the darkness itself but the things that we cannot “see”, the spiritual part of us, which is the larger part of who we are and yet we tend to neglect so much because we cannot see it with our physical eyes. I’ve always been very highly intuitive and I’ve yet to learn how to listen to my own intuition as much as I probably should but I’m a work in progress!! 😉 I am intrigued by you and your psychic abilities and I look forward to reading your blog!


    • It sounds like; you’re really beginning to know yourself. That in itself is a wonderful achievement, and in actuality we’re all a work in progress, because no-one can claim to be ‘completed’ or an expert, those spiritual beings are; up on their cloud, watching over the rest of us.
      Thank you for the lovely words in your comment, they sound really heartfelt. Travel safe on your path ❤

  6. Hello again, I have an Idea would you like to guest post on thrive on news, I can offer a link back to your site and an author bio, which will bring you exposure and be great SEO. if interested please get back to me.

    love an light Ian

  7. Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my about page. We share some similar interests and facts! I am a lacto vegetarian, but I do like green vegetables, lol. I am also very interested in all things you describe to do with spirituality, psychic, etc. I have done some tarot card reading (very much enjoy it actually) and enjoy other things too, if I have psychic abilities mine are currently slightly hidden, lol. I also love reading. May I wish you the best of luck with all of your books, writing books is not easy and a true accomplishment, so well done for the books you’ve published and good luck for the future ones :).
    I really like your about page and your blog looks very interesting, I’m going to take a good look around :).

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