Spiritually Based Books


AffirmationsAn Affirmation For Every Occasion

More money, unconditional love, a bigger house, luxury travel, our wish list covers all these things and more, but what if there was a simpler way, to bring more of our dreams to fruition?

There are times when life never seems to be easy, we have bills to pay, families to feed, pets to care for, employment to fulfil, or success to achieve. We never seem to have a minute to ourselves, and if we could attain assistance; to help us realise our life’s desires, especially if it only takes 5 minutes out of our day, we’d all be signing up for it.

Positive thought and the Law of Attraction have been around for a long time, but very few of us, take those few seconds on the train, or in front of the bathroom mirror, to recite our affirmations. We’re either; too rushed or we consider the concept a little airy-fairy, but, imagine if; you felt happier within yourself, and more relaxed on a daily basis, if you smiled more and truly believed; that anything was possible?

That’s what affirmations can do for you. They re-train our subconscious mind, into believing; life is limitless, that we can have it ‘All’.

In this eBook, you’ll find affirmations applicable to; almost every area of your life and some cover; more than one situation, so they can be swapped around. Also included are; coloured protection bubbles, to help you feel more secure through your day.


 Is Feeling Fear Just Borrowing Trouble?

Do you fear the changes that accomplishing your goals, or being a success may make to your life? Or, do you want to instigate changes, but don’t know how to go about it? In short; are you living a fearful life? Allowing daily worries to create a future that you may not want?

Had you considered meditating regularly, in the hope that it’ll reduce stress? Or, did you know that by adding more colour to your life, it’ll help hold your inner fears at bay? Do you know how to surround yourself in a bubble of protection so that you sleep sounder with less upsetting dreams? Has anyone ever shown you how to attempt a Money Garden Meditation to increase your wealth, or are you aware of the rules when working with affirmations?

Has it even crossed your mind that you may have money-making skills at your fingertips, but you’ve never considered them as such? Or that your body itself, can give you the answers to perplexing problems?

This book will show you that and more. And, after attempting some of the ‘simple’ processes shown inside, hopefully, it’ll help you realise; that you don’t walk your troublesome path alone. You’ll discover that you do have guardians watching over you; ready to assist….they just need to be asked.


Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires = Energy Stealers

Are you; an unknowing energy-stealer, or do you have one in your confidence? They can be found anywhere and everywhere. They can sneak up on you when you least expect it, or they may have even been in your life forever….literally! They could be a friend, a family member, a work colleague, or perhaps a lover. There’s a chance they could be making a return visit to your life, having reincarnated with you to get closure, of sorts. They could leave you feeling tired, or weary, maybe stressed and uncomfortable, they have more weapons in their arsenal than we’re aware of, and it’s very hard to label someone a psychic vampire without definitive proof, so what can we do to protect ourselves?

Fortunately, there are simple procedures we can implement to ensure that any harm they send our way can be easily dealt with; and as we all want to travel through our lives safely and securely, with the help of spirit and the straightforward practices shown in this book we can.


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