Don’t Settle!

Four weeks ago, I started a new daytime job, and whilst the people are very nice, and the salary always comes in handy, it’s not the position I applied for or the hours I wanted, yet – I accepted their offer when it was made, and for the moment, I’m remaining in the role, because……

Perhaps, it has something to teach me.

Although, within a week of commencing the position; I tore 3 ligaments in my left foot, an injury which is still hampering my life. This includes; no gym, and as it’s a sit-down role, I’m becoming stir crazy.  Aaaaagghhhh!!

Not, a full 2 weeks later, I contracted a horrendous cold, which I’m still suffering from, and unfortunately, my contracted hours do not allow for much else in my life, and I’ve temporarily given up many things I enjoy.

Not forgetting, the intensive training, which the role requires, ensuring I’m too tired when I get home, to even want; to pick up my laptop… you can imagine; my emails are taking on a life of their own.

(It also has, too many rules & regulations to suit me – I feel like I’ve lost my freedom).

As time’s been passing, I’ve come to the conclusion, that; I’m doing what’s expected, or; what’s considered socially acceptable, because it’s the right thing to do. And, in the process; my life is passing me by, whilst; I’m settling for something I don’t want.

Perhaps, this was the lesson, I needed to learn – My life, is exactly that; “My Life” and I shouldn’t; Settle!

So…….I’ve set my inner-self a time limit, and made a vow, and you’re all welcome to hold me to it.

By the end of September or, preferably; June; I will have moved on from this position, and not only found something better, but it’ll  also be more fitting for accomplishing my own life’s dream, and I’m hoping that those of you in similar situations, will do the same.

Find Your Dream, and Live It!

(PS: I haven’t forgotten you.  And, thank you to those, who haven’t forgotten me either).

Dont Settle



Follow Your ‘Own’ Star

“Follow Your Own Star”           

                    Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321)

It was recently suggested to me rather vehemently, that being a writer wasn’t work, and couldn’t be considered a ‘good’ job, although, I know; the person expressing their opinion, would be one of the first people, to join the celebratory queue, should I attain fame, or; when I rake in stacks of money.

And, several years ago, some people weren’t too impressed when I began to walk an alternative spiritual path, although it was a different matter; when I was interviewed for a feature piece on psychics, by a well-known UK magazine.

I’ve even had one colleague – in the financial arena – nickname me ‘The Nutter’ because of my beliefs, I will admit, though, he always did it to my face, not behind-my-back, unlike some people, who were less; non-judgemental, and considered me lacking in little grey cells.

But, what a lot of these detractors don’t know is; I’ve also sat the UK Mensa tests and I even have the certificates to prove; my intelligence; ranks in the; well-above-average range..  I didn’t attain membership, but I am eligible to do a re-sit when I want – maybe I will, maybe I won’t, who knows?

I’ve also been a ‘good girl’ and trod the management path, whilst working 12 hour days, I’ve worked in various ‘orthodox’ industries, ranging from; retail to banking. At one stage I was even employed by the Australian Tax Office (how conventional is that?) but it didn’t make me a; better or happier person, what it did do; was made me realise……….I prefer to be slightly eccentric and off-the-wall.

I like to create something with my own hands, or by using my brain.

I really do have an innate curiosity, which means, I like to have adventures, sometimes into the unknown, and I definitely…..

Like to; follow my own star, not the one someone else dictated to me.

So the next time; you find yourself judging someone for their choices, or their; traditions, beliefs, sexuality, or; if you’re pooh-poohing someone’s dreams, or goals, remember…

Never judge a book by its cover, there could be more going on inside, than you know and, more importantly…..

Everyone, you included, has the Spirit-given right to; Follow Their Own Star!


An Unexpected Path Chosen

When you look at your life, as it is today, right this minute; is it what you expected, or even planned?

I know mine isn’t.

Putting aside my spirit-given abilities, and looking at where I am in life, not just the location, but also financially, socially, and creatively; I know there are a lot of changes I would like to make…… why aren’t I doing it? What message or lesson have I still got to learn? What am I not seeing? Why am I remaining static? Note, I don’t say ‘stuck’, because it has the wrong connotations.

If you see yourself as ‘stuck in a certain situation’ that’s where you’ll remain. It’s better to believe; any issues are only temporary. As the Sufi poets said; it’s better to believe “This too, shall pass”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? Almost as if you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Fractal 5

I meditate regularly, I’m a thirty-year plus vegetarian, I adore all animals, even the creepy-crawly ones. I try to think positively on a daily basis, if I’m honest though, I have to say; a little negativity sneaks in occasionally. I train at the gym 4 times a week, sometimes, under protest.  And, I firmly believe in treating people as I would wish to be treated, not forgetting ‘Paying it forward’ so what am I missing?

Fractal 8

Am I being too much of a good-goody?

Am I being too spiritual, if there’s any such thing?

Should I be taking more risks?

Should I take more ‘leaps of faith’ so; ‘the net will continue to appear’?

Or, am I just; not believing enough?

Fractal 7

I recently read a quote in which it was suggested; our lives won’t change until we learn the lesson, but perhaps……..this is the lesson!

Maybe we just need to; release any attachment we feel to our present situation, go with the flow, and let the river of our lives take us where it will?

As humans, we have such high expectations of ourselves, and yet we’re willing to give others a little leeway, so why can’t we be more gentle with ourselves?  Why must we always self-judge, and lack self-belief? Why do we not see ourselves for the incredible people that we are? Why do we not give ourselves a break, and stop needing to know all the answers?

Instead of thinking; what am I not seeing? Why am I not moving forward?  Should we instead think “c’est la vie”, and just hang on for the ride?

Fractal 9

What Will Have An Impact On Your Heart?

I’ve just spent two days caring for a beautiful baby, Rainbow Lorikeet that came into my possession very unexpectedly, and even though I only had it for a short time, it left an indelible impression on my heart.

One of my sisters and a niece had been walking one evening, and discovered this young bird sat on a grassy verge, they left it alone believing it’s mother was nearby, but four days later when the fledgling was still there they called me……I’m the ‘obsessive’ animal person in our family group.

Over the next few days, I cosseted, and fed this lovely creature, at times believing it may die, all the while knowing that I should pass its care over to someone more experienced in Australian native wildlife. When it cried; I held it until it settled and stopped shivering. I ensured it was safe and warm at night, and I fed it apricot nectar until it had a smile on its face……all the while knowing; this had to be a short-term connection for the baby’s own well-being.

After two days, I convinced myself to call our local RSPCA who advised that they would be able to pass my charge onto a Wildlife shelter that they regularly dealt with, so like a responsible person I passed my baby over………but……I do miss him.

After giving him up, I wanted to discover why spirit had sent this little one to me, and found that these beautiful rainbow coloured birds are symbolic of:

  • Wonderful communication skills – my little fella was very vocal.
  • Connection to the rainbow – maybe my friend, was sent to bring more colour to my world.
  • The capacity, to see another’s viewpoint, or opinion – my little one reminded me how; someone else would be able to care for him better.
  • Love of language – writing this post, enabled me to get back to my blog after a few weeks away.
  • Helps you make the right choice – I did that, when I gave him up.
  • Recognition of one’s soul mate – I did love this little bird, and a soul mate can come in all shapes and sizes, and it does not have to mean a romantic relationship.

I was very surprised at the impact this tiny creature had on my heart after such a short period of time, because I’m the person that’s always; dog-sitting, or bird-feeding, or animal-rescuing, so maybe spirit just wanted to remind me that we not only need to care for each other, but also for all the creatures of the world, no matter how big or small.

Just to end this post, I must say; guess who’s already rung both the RSPCA and the Wildlife shelter to check on her little baby bird, and it’s not even been 24 hours?