Those who are skeptical of the abilities which “pet psychics” claim to have, should read this …

Animals are more incredible than we can imagine…..just like Spirit, they; think, feel, love, hurt, and give unconditionally.

Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator Charles Peden

As a former skeptic of the ability to communicate with animals via telepathy I was curious as to what people who are not so open to such ideas would say about pet psychics.

I must say that I do not believe that everyone who claims to have this ability is truly being honest. Just like the psychic medium field is plagued with fraud, so is the animal communicator field. Sadly when one has an experience that does not meet their expectations, they tend to tell everyone about it. Those who have had a genuine experience do not always inform their friends and family since they do not want to deal with being ridiculed by others who have not had their own experience or whom do not have an open mind.

Even after discovering the ability to “speak” with the dead, I was not ready to accept that you could talk…

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Spirit Guides & Finding your Power Animal or Totem Animal

Fascinating Animals

Eagle and Buffalo

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From my understanding, we all have access to the divine realm of spiritual guidance or spirit guides, to assist us on our Journeys through life.  I believe that there is more to us than our physical, visible bodies.

We are made up of matter, as are non-living materials.  At our smallest unit, commonly agreed upon, we are made up of atoms.  But atoms themselves are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, which themselves are composed of space and light.


In the beginning was  ……

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Penguins & Foxes – Dream Messages from Spirit Perhaps?

Whenever I’m experiencing issues in my life, or if I’m under stress, my dreams become more prominent, but lately they’ve been a little weirder than usual, and I can only put it down to; spirit communication. After all, when was the last time you dreamt about penguins infiltrating a cafe?

Penguin Chef

Now don’t get me wrong, my penguins weren’t actually working in the cafe, although they may have been dressed in the customary ‘black & white’, but they were a definite presence.  Not only did a young one sit on my feet, perhaps he was imprinting, I’m not sure, but another, and a quite big fellow – I remember thinking he was an emperor – cuddled up to my back and clung on for all he was worth.

They were beautiful birds, but even in my dream state, I felt very perplexed about the whole thing, and to top it off, the evening before; foxes paraded through my nighttime visions. No, they weren’t at the local supermarket or anything like that. They were, actually in a field, I recall a vixen, with a couple of pups. I can still see the soft sheen of their red fur.

As some of you may be aware, I love all animals, big, small, crawling or flying, you name it, I love them, but still……….both these visits were a little unexpected, so I decided to look at the symbolism behind them, in case, someone was trying to knock on my door, and I wasn’t listening.

Penguin Angel

I discovered that penguin is a sign of……

  • Patience and endurance.
  • Order within chaos.
  • Renewal & evolution.
  • Astral projection & waking (lucid) dreams.
  • Being close to a breakthrough.
  • Being burdened with negativity, when dreaming of penguins.
  • Connection to the spiritual realm, & having intuitive insight.
  • The capability to solve your problems.
  • Father figure – perhaps this is where the emperor came in, as the emperor tarot card generally relates to an older man.


The fox is a symbol of….

  • Cunning & stealth.
  • Caring about, & for others.
  • Intelligence & loyalty.
  • Wisdom & observational skills.
  • Determination & intensity, when aiming for a goal.
  • Solving problems with cleverness & persistence, to reach a solution.
  • The capability to reverse any situation.
  • Shapeshifting, invisibility & adaptability.
  • View you situation as it actually is, not as you perceive it to be.
  • Someone in your life may be sly & sneaky, and you may need to conceal your thoughts (this is especially true when dreaming about foxes).

I’ll keep you apprised when I get another visitor, who knows; it might be a pterodactyl in a tutu.


Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Sentient Metaphysics

daily meditation

Daily Meditation Techniques

Regular daily meditation has many health benefits including greater peace of mind, lessening of anxiety, reduction of stress and better physical and emotional health. Daily meditation benefits begin immediately although not generally highly noticeable straightaway, but with discipline and regular practice a calmer wiser more intuitive you will arise. With daily practice over a period of time meditation will help you get in touch with yourself, to truly know who you are. A universal rule in it’s own right “Know thyself”.  The daily mindfulness meditation outlined here will help move you into deeper more advanced meditation techniques

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Chakra Meditation & Quick Aura Cleansing

This post originated, after a request from a fellow psychic on WordPress, who’s become an online friend…’ll know who you are. Sorry, I didn’t get this meditation emailed to you a little quicker, as we all know ‘life can be a little manic’ some days, but that’s probably when a meditation is called for.

This type of meditation can be very involved at times, as it’s possible to enter all your chakras to give them a quick dusting. And, for the more advanced practitioners, there are centres within our aura, and above our head, that can be frequently visited, for further insight.

For today’s purpose though, I’m just giving you a general opening and closing process, as it’s invaluable for maintaining contact with mother earth, and to enable you to get used to working with your energy centres.

Chakra Meditation –

  • Sit in a safe, quiet place, with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Close your eyes, allow yourself to gently breathe in and out until your breath is calm and relaxed.
  • Take your consciousness to the base of your spine, and visualise a golden cord appear from your base chakra. This cord; will lengthen, and stretch below your body as it continues to grow. it will travel through the floor and all the layers of the earth, until it reaches the planet’s core.
  • Anchor this cord, to a rock that you will find situated; dead-centre. You can use a peg, a chain, or just tie it on, it’s your preference.
  • Once secured, earth energy will proceed up the cord, and enter your base chakra, opening and filling it completely. When the base it full, the energy will travel up to your Sacral, then Solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown centres by turn. Opening and filling them as it goes.
  • When your centres are wide-open, visualise above your head, spirit hands holding a goblet of divine golden light…….this goblet will start to tip, and spirit will pour the light into your crown centre. It will overflow, and fall into your brow, throat and heart centres, filling them as it goes (It will stop at the heart. It will not descend into your lower centres).
  • On completion, when your 4 higher centres are full of spiritual light, take your consciousness to the third eye, and spend however much time you wish there, conversing with your guides, angels, or meeting power animals.
  • When you’re ready to close down, thank any spirits for appearing, and for listening to your concerns if that’s what occurred.
  • Take your consciousness to your crown centre, watch as it closes up (if you see a door, with a bolt, that’s fine, if you see a wheel shrink in on itself, that’s also fine. It’s your choice).
  • When the centre is tightly closed, place a seal of some kind on top of the closed centre. It can be a religious icon, a flower, a gold star, anything……again, your choice.
  • Proceed to close and seal all your centres, except the base. Circle that centre with gold light and allow it to remain connected to mother earth. You can then call up earth energy whenever needed, whilst remaining grounded.
  • When finished, picture a gauzy cloth of gold, drop from above, falling down and around your body. As the material hits the floor, the hem will curl upwards, and begin to rise, peeling all negative, harmful or destructive energy from your aura (like flypaper), returning it to spirit….whilst in process, the cloth will resemble the letter ‘U’, as it rises from the floor.
  • When this cleanse is completed, finish your meditation by enclosing yourself in your protection bubble. Please refer to:

I hope this meditation helps you, it’s something I use on a regular basis, and when working with clients I always open my centres this way and subsequently close them after the session is over.

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Learn Psychometry

If you’re looking to hone your abilities, this is an informative article on the process of Psychometry.

Sentient Metaphysics

Psychometry, Post cognition (Paranormal)

how to do psychometry

What Is Psychometry Or Post cognition

Psychometry belongs to the category extra sensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post cognition or object reading, it is the art of sensing vibrations left behind by the owner of an object or by significant emotional events which the object has been witness to. The word psychometry comes from the Greek language, meaning spirit or soul measurement.  Post cognition means the reading of a past event, person or object. Opposite to precognition, where events of the future are revealed to the seer.

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