Returning to the Fold, via Whipsnade & Other Places.

After numerous months away……I’m back!

Not that I’ve been away – well, except for a short UK holiday – I just lost control of my life for a while.  But, you’ll be pleased to hear; I’m starting to regain ownership.

Because, of other commitments, over the next few weeks my posts will primarily be pictorial, but; at least, I’m here!  And, can I just say…….I’ve missed you all.

During my trip back to Ol’ Blighty, I went to one of my favourite places on earth; Whipsnade Zoo. There’s so much to see, and as you’ll note from the following images the animals well cared for, with plenty of room to roam.


It’s the bear necessities, la-la-la.


Esme; Does my bum look big in this?


Like this George, It’s not so hard on the neck.


Stay still Tildy, and they’ll never see us


Oi, Bozo! You looking at me?


Eenie-meenie-minie-mo. Gotta love this behind-glass food, huh Bert?


How long; is this cold shoulder business gonna last, Sweetie?  I’ve said; sorry!


Bet you’d love to see us close up? Oh well, thems the breaks…hehe


Bit more realism Harry, she’s not even watching.


Dunes!  My kingdom, for just one sand dune.


What, you lot, looking at?  You never seen a Tiger pacing before…..puh-lease!


Fred…..Listen; You can’t fly….alright?


So I’m a little shy…sue me!


Girls, we on the ceiling or the floor?


So, what time did you say Santa was due?


One With Nature

This made me laugh, so I had to reblog it. I’m not sure what the animal symbolism would be though perhaps: unforgettable transformation.

An Elephant Called Buddha


I am the result of being one with nature!

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Regaining Focus, After a Reminder from Spirit.

Over the last week, I’ve lost focus and motivation for my writing.  There was no particular reason.  It was just one of those down-in-the-dumps moments, when you lose direction, and feel; nothing’s working.

To try and find my way forward, I asked Spirit for a sign or an omen, generally my messages come in the form of wildlife appearing unexpectedly in my path, well over the last few days, I’ve; almost sat on a lizard, been laughed at loudly by a kookaburra, had a dragonfly waylay me, and been squawked at; by a baby pink & grey galah.


Obviously, someone upstairs is trying to get my attention, because they’re delivering the following messages……

Lizard – Pay attention to your dreams; to manifest them in reality. A reminder that you have hidden gifts, use them responsibly. Let go of old ideas and beliefs to succeed. Pay attention to what your heart is really telling you.

Kookaburra – Focus on your goals, pursue your dreams…….see my earlier post

Dragonfly – Change and transformation. Helps you hear the wisdom of your soul, aids when you need to shift illusions. Allows; creative imagination to flow in your life.

Galah – Teaches spontaneity and fearlessness. Brings light into your life, when you’re feeling the darkness. Stay alert for new ideas that will bring growth. Strive for your dreams.


Aside from my recent guests, I’ve been adopted by a flock of 5 magpies who frequently visit for a snack, and over the last fortnight, they’re accompanied by numerous crows (my Native American birth sign animal).  As you can imagine, I’m waiting for an elephant, or Rhinoceros to turn up.

Magpie – Communication, understanding messages from spirit, Prophecy, intelligence and good luck. They can forewarn us of danger.  Follow your calling to find satisfaction in life.

Crow – Destiny, clairvoyance, personal transformation and alchemy, mystical messages, flexibility and adaptability, not forgetting shape shifting, or the negative aspect of the trickster.

Bandaged elephant statue