A Challenge: One-Dollar-a-Week May save An Animal’s Life.

Over the last few months, whilst trawling Facebook, much to my dismay, and abject horror, I’ve noticed a sharp incline in reported cases of animal abuse. This made me question “are we as humans, becoming increasingly cruel, and losing our sense of compassion for other creatures, including our own class of bipeds?”


Some stories are so appalling, I veer between, sadness and grief, to anger, and hopes for instant karmic retribution, but recently; I saw another perspective……

For all the instances reported – other than, extremely dire, or cultural situations – someone took a stand.  Perhaps, a passing Good Samaritan found an injured animal and took it to a refuge, a vet or a wildlife centre.  Or, maybe a member of the emergency services rescued a stranded pet, or farm animal, during a fire, flood, or earthquake.


There are numerous refuge centres throughout the world, that give freely of their time, volunteering at all hours, and conservation workers in inhospitable places, put themselves at risk to ensure some species are preserved – These kind-hearted souls, are already aware; there are far too many animals on the endangered list as it is. Approximately 41,415 species, at last, count.

Various trusts and charities have been set up, to ensure, we; the supposedly ‘more intelligent’ species, donate our money if not our time, to help our earth remain; a beautiful world, flourishing with a true menagerie of wonderful creatures. Filling the skies above our head, the oceans and rivers we admire. They reside in rainforests and jungles, even in our gardens, and some, below our floorboards.


Animals feed us, clothe us, work for us, trust and follow us blindly, but most of all; they love us……….and, can we honestly say; we deserve their adoration and assistance?  Or; is it a case of; in our arrogance, We Expect It!

All this introspection, brought me to another thought……if each one on my friends or followers on social media, started to put aside; just one dollar a week, whether it be in an old coffee tin, a jar, or, even a special money box, at the end of 2016, the total amount would be $77,844 after 6 months $38,922 and at the end of a quarter $19,461. 


So am I…..although, in actuality; it would only cost each individual $52 annually.


My challenge to you is; start you own $1 a-week, charity jar, and, whilst; ‘animals are my thing’ perhaps you’d prefer to donate your money to a cancer-related or childhood charity the choice is yours.  I currently, donate monthly to the RSL, but whomever you choose; they’d appreciate the gift, whether it’ $13 a-quarter, $26 twice-yearly, or $52 annually.

I don’t know about you, but $1 wouldn’t even buy me a full-priced chocolate bar, but cumulatively, ‘all’ our dollars, might save a beautiful creatures life.

Below are some wonderful charities that would love your donations or perhaps you have your own personal favourite.

Make 2016, the year you give something back.

P.S: It’d be tax-deductible.









The Universal Law Of Responsiblity

I’m reblogging this post, because I suddenly realised that there is a lot in my life that I’m not taking responsibility for, and that I am allowing other; less-important circumstances to have priority 😦

There are things, that I need to do, or things that I have promised to do, but; I’ve allowed days to pass, or spent time on ‘things’ that are irrelevant, so….. To everyone, that I may have let down, or not contacted, not listened to, or not fulfilled a promise to….I apologise unreservedly, and hopefully; from this second forward, I’ll be a better person 🙂

Crone Confidence

Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong with me.


It amazes me how many people I know who don’t get this simple concept. Life really is all about you.

Our choices and our reactions to circumstances create the climate of our existence. It is simply a case of cause and effect.

For months now, there has been a seemingly healthy, young man who daily, sits across the street from where I work with a cup out in front of him and begs for money. The first couple of times I saw him there, I helped him out with a fiver or whatever change I had. It was obvious that he was embarrassed to be begging and I felt for his plight.

After seeing him repeatedly begging I asked him what his story was. He told me that he had worked at the local newspaper as a printer but the paper laid…

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Blue Moon Meditation

Thrive On Spiritual News

blue moon meaning and meditation

Blue Moon Meditation Online

Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning

The power of the full moon has intense spiritual energy allowing us to connect with our intuitive feminine side of ourselves. As the sun grows and nourishes our bodies, the moon light works to enlighten our souls and provides spiritual nourishment.

A blue moon ( 2nd full moon in a calendar month July 31st 2015 ) has triple the intensity of a full moon bringing the gods and goddesses (maiden, mother and crone) guides and spirits, close. Close enough for all to have a clear direct channel, receiving messages and psychic energy. Blue moons open the portal to spiritual growth allowing us to absorb it’s pure psychic healing power. Once in a blue moon magic happens.

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